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    Dr. Peter Berzins

    Dr. Peter Berzins is a licensed clinical psychologist in NJ and NY. He specializes in individual psychotherapy with children, adolescents, and adults with anxiety or depression. Dr. Berzins is an expert in helping couples in marriage counseling. Dr. Berzins has a particular interest in Positive Psychology, which focuses on the science of happiness and how to attain it. He incorporates many of these practices into his own life and is excited to share his knowledge with others. He believes the goal of therapy should be to optimize living instead of just alleviating symptoms. More simply, he helps people thrive rather than merely survive.    

Dr. Berzins recieved his Masters Degree from ColumbiaUniversity. He earned his Doctorate Degree from FordhamUniversity where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. His dissertation investigated the relationship between therapeutic alliance with adolescents and their outcome in therapy. Additionally, he was awarded a NYU fellowship in psychoanalytic treatment of children and adults. Dr. Berzins completed his APA accredited internship at DrewUniversity counseling center and GreystonePsychiatricHospital. Given his research on therapeutic alliance, he believes there should be an emphasis on developing a trusting relationship or alliance with your psychologist to maximize gains in therapy.

Dr. Brittany Ryan-Berzins

Dr. Brittany Ryan-Berzins is a licensed clinical psychologist in NJ. She specializes in individual psychotherapy with women. She treats depression, anxiety, and stress specifically associated with transitions for women. Dr. Ryan-Berzins has extensive experience working with individuals who have experienced trauma and the impact that it has on individuals' relationships. She creates a warm, especially accepting environment where people feel free to explore their conflicts as well as hopes for the future. Dr. Ryan-Berzins is genuinely interested in what makes you who you are and how you can flourish in a world with increasing demands.      

At times we all need help coping with the complexities of life. These times can be an opportunity to create change in ourselves, our relationships, and our lives. Dr. Ryan-Berzins believes that unresolved issues from our past contribute to our current emotions, thoughts, and relationships. Understanding how our past experiences have shaped who we are today allows us to understand why we react with our particular style and actively take control of our lives. With this depth of understanding people are able to make lasting change which means a more fulfilling life.     

Dr. Ryan-Berzins recieved her Doctorate Degree from Fordham Univeristy where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. Her dissertation investigated the unconscious thought patterns in individuals who engaged in cutting and other self-injurious behaviors. Dr. Ryan-Berzins was trained at the most prestigious hospitals and institutes inManhattan. Her training includes positions at LenoxHillHospital as well as the New York Psychoanalytic Institute. Beyond that, Dr. Ryan-Berzins conducted research at NYUBelleviewCenter for survivors or torture. She also has copious amounts of experience working with college students and has worked at various universitites in the area. Dr. Ryan-Berzins completed her APA accredited internship at the Veteran's Administration, where she served veteran's who experienced sexual trauma.   

Dr. Ryan-Berzins works primarily with adolescent girls, mothers, and women who struggle with depression, anxiety, infertility, self-injury, postpartum depression, relationship problems, difficulty finding your professional path, and academic underachievement.


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