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PictureAbout Counselling

After nearly 40 years working as a counsellor in different capacities, two things have become very evident: 1) you have to trust your counsellor in order to open up and talk about your feelings, your past, your challenges and your future. 2) If you are not in a comfortable place when you meet with your counsellor, you will be reluctant to freely share your emotions and develop the level of trust needed to help you make the changes you need.

Many counsellors have offices in professional buildings: You drive out, find (and pay) for parking, sit in a public waiting area and meet in a fairly sterile office environment. For some people this formula works.  For most it doesn't. “Safe Place to Grow Counselling” offers you the opportunity to be comfortable. Many of our clients prefer to sit back in their favourite coffee shop to chat, while others prefer meeting at a home based office.  Our goal is to make sure you are comfortable enough to begin sharing your story, so that we can have an honest conversation about the challenges you are facing.  

About Peter

Peter Hall's 40 years of working with people has brought him rich insight into what works and what doesn’t. His gift for asking probing questions identifies how we think, while providing a safe place to be vulnerable. His education moves beyond common advice to effective communication. His life experiences of grief, trauma, and establishing a new career (just to name a few) have given him the ability to "get it”.
His educational back ground and training have given him insights in connecting with children in a therapeutic environment. His approach to upholding the family is clearly seen in his determination for reconciliation and growth. His affiliations provide a clear format of accountability and continual growth. 

Let's schedule a complimentary one hour meeting. You can learn about us, and we can learn about you. From there we can talk about next steps.

What our clients say

"Going for counselling with Peter doesn't involve driving across town and struggling to find a parking spot. There are no ink blots to stare at, no multiple choice questionnaires to fill out that pigeon hole you into some predetermined category or personality type."
"Meeting with Peter is as easy as chatting with a friend over a cup of coffee."
"He doesn't let the letters after his name get in the way of understanding my struggles and providing valuable advice."
"I've learned more about myself from Peter's questions than I ever did from other people's answers." 
"Nobody wanted to help me because I didn't have money for therapy, but Peter was able find a sponsor who paid for everything."

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