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As a Christian, are you frustrated and defeated recognizing the spiritual and biblical knowledge you have is not solving or resolving your person pain or relationship problems?  Christian Counselor Altadena, CAHave you grown tired and depressed asking God or others to help you make sense of your personal and relational life but only find their answers are not working? 

Are you a Christian on the outside participating in religious activity but on the inside feeling lonely, tired, and uncertain about what gives you meaning or purpose in life? 

Are you noticing that you put on a mask and say you are fine as a good Christian but on the inside the real you is feeling depressed and lonely but you are too scared to let people know how you are really doing? 
Greetings. My intention is to provide a safe place for you to learn how to become more honest and vulnerable with others and with yourself. I don't know about you, but when I get hurt, I tend to put up a mask to hide from others as a way to not be vulnerable and let people understand how I really am feeling. So if someone asks how is it going, just like me you might say, 'I am fine, everything is okay, and I am doing the best I can.'

Now, the reality is that this is not true but your fears are keeping you from taking off your mask and telling people who you really are. Just like many others, and at times it is true for me, I am afraid to tell you who I really am as I fear you may reject me or disapprove of me.
So we hide, put on our mask and just go through the routines of life not finding any real meaning or happiness along the way. You do feel lost, empty and sad unsure if life is bringing the happiness and success you had hoped. Perhaps you can relate to these comments:
* I often wonder if God cares about how I feel.
* I am not sure if my spouse wants to be married to me and unsure of God's will for my marriage.
* I tend to walk on eggshells around others as I fear they may get angry with me or be unhappy with me.
As a Christian Therapist, my goal is to help you find the security and trust you need to form healthy relationships and live a life of honesty and confidence. My heart goes out to you when you put on your mask or walk in fear and insecurity. Allow me to teach you how to be honest and vulnerable so that you can receive the support and compassion you do need from others. We all need empathy and comfort for our hurting and insecure places of our lives and I hope you will find my office to be a safe place to began the journey of healing those broken places of your life.
I am also happy to announce the writing of my first book.  It is titled, Creating The Healthy Marriage You Want: Stop Accusing Each Other & Start Accepting One Another.  If you are married or in a serious relationship, I know you will find this valuable book helpful in learning the top ten differences between a healthy marriage versus an unhealthy marriage. You can read more about this book by going to my website and click the tab Book. For those who want to know about my credentials and professional journey, please view my website and tab About.   
When you are ready to get started, give me a call at 626.791.1488.  Along with my wife Cynthia, who joins me in counseling as a Licensed Nurse, we look forward to bring compassion and care to your emotional and relationship needs.  When you are ready to ask a fellow Christian and professional therapist to join you in your journey, be assured my wife and I will be there for to listen, care and provide healthy feedback by working with you and God to solve your spiritual and emotional problems.  

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