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The Portrait Health Way - Our Philosophy

Portrait Health Centers are multi-specialty clinics that employ the most cutting-edge and proven assessment protocols and treatment options available, believing that an Effective Treatment Depends On An Accurate Diagnosis. Individuals should not have to “play doctor” by researching available treatments and then self-selecting which of these treatments has been scientifically validated and would be most appropriate for themselves or their family.  At Portrait Health Centers, we provide a comprehensive and multi-specialty assessment to determine the underlying causes of your symptoms and incorporate an appropriate treatment plan.

Meet Our Counselors, Therapists, & Dietitians! 

John Beltramo, Psy. D
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Education: The Illinois School of Professional Psychology
Phone: (847) 868-3435
Office Locations: Vernon Hills, IL & Chicago, IL

Specialties: Trauma recovery, PTSD, Parenting, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety or Fears, Behavioral Issues, Marital and relationship issues, Family Conflict, Divorce, Loss or Grief, Issues of human sexuality, Childhood sexual abuse, Mood Disorders, Coping Skills, Self Esteem, Issues related to Gender and Culture

Dr. Beltramo is a life-long native of the Chicago area.  He earned his B.A. from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a major in psychology.  He went on to pursue his Masters and Doctoral degrees at Argosy
University/Illinois School of Professional Psychology.  Dr. Beltramo has worked in the behavioral health field in a variety of capacities for 18 years.  From multiply-diagnosed, residentially-placed adolescents to domestic violence offenders to private practice settings, the range of his experience is broad, varied, and comprehensive.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Beltramo serves as an adjunct professor at higher educational institutions including the College of Lake County, Roosevelt University, and Argosy University.  He is a co-director of Metamorphosis Behavioral Consultants, designing and presenting training, workshops, and seminars for educators and fellow behavioral health professionals.

Dr. Beltramo’s approach to therapy – whether it be in private practice or as one of Lake County’s domestic violence service providers – is holistic and non-pathologizing.  He takes a collaborative approach to his clients, focusing on the quality of the client – therapist relationship, and making a priority of acknowledging and honoring the client’s perspective.  He stresses the connection of Mind – Body – Spirit in his work.
Carly Rosenberg, M.Ed., LPC
LicensedProfessional Counselor
​Education: Loyola University Chicago
Phone: (847) 868-3435
Office Locations: Vernon Hills, IL & Chicago, IL

Specialties: ADHD, Anger Management, Anxiety, Behavioral issues, Bipolar Disorder, Body Image, Child or Adolescent, Chronic Pain, Coping Skills, Depression, Family Conflict, Learning Disabilities, LGBTQ Concerns, Life Transitions, Mindfulness, Mood Disorders, Parenting Issues, Peer Relationships, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Parenting, Peer Relationships, Relationship Issues, Self-Esteem, Stress Management, Teens/Adolescents, Trauma and PTSD

“Recognizing that you are not where you want to be is a starting point to begin changing your life.”
–Deborah Day

I understand that seeking change can be difficult, and I strive to work alongside my clients to help each individual achieve their therapeutic goals in a way that feels comfortable for them. I believe that each client has a unique story to share. I am a patient listener, and I encourage clients to stay true to their authentic selves. I work together with my clients to help them feel in control of their lives while working on skills to manage their stressors. By using an empathic and client-centered approach, I create a safe and empowering environment for my clients. My hope is to provide a therapeutic relationship that my clients may use for their own personal growth. I support and encourage my clients to focus on their strengths in order to overcome life’s challenges.

Carly graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from The University of Missouri. Carly is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She obtained her Master’s degree in Community Counseling from Loyola University Chicago. Carly has diverse clinical experience with clients of various ages and cultural backgrounds.

​Joy Lockett, MS, LPC, NCC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Education: National Louis University
Phone:  (847) 868-3435
Office Locations: Aurora, IL & Oak Brook, IL & Chicago, IL

Specialties: Anxiety, Depression, Grief/Loss, Infertility, Life Transitions, Trauma, Relational Issues, Coping Skills, Parenting, Self-Esteem, LGBT Concerns, Co-Occurring Disorders, Substance Abuse, individuals (adults, young adults, adolescence/teens, geriatric), family therapy, couples therapy

Joy uses her compassion and down-to-earth nature to provide an environment where clients can feel safe to be their authentic selves. She understands that seeking change, or something different, is not an easy process. Joy forms collaborative partnerships with her clients when developing therapeutic goals and a plan for care. She uses mindfulness, empathy and insight to aid in the empowerment of clients. In addition, Joy also utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and family systems theory techniques. Joy works with individuals, couples and families.

Joy received her Masters of Science in Community Counseling through National Louis University.  She has experience working with adults on a psychiatric unit in a hospital and at-risk youth at a residential treatment facility. Joy also has experience providing grief counseling services.  In addition, she has provided services to families within the community. Joy became interested in family systems theory and grief counseling while receiving her undergraduate degree at North Central College in Naperville, where she doubled majored in psychology and sociology. ​

​Mary Bernstein, M.Ed., LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor  
Education: Loyola University Chicago
Phone: (847) 868-3435
Office Location: Chicago, IL
Specialties: ADHD, Addiction, Anger Management, Anxiety, Behavioral Issues, Bipolar Disorder, Body Image, Career Counseling, Coping Skills, Depression, Eating Disorders, Family Conflict, LGBTQ, Life Transitions, Mood Disorders, Parenting Issues, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Peer Relationships, Personality Disorders, Relationship Issues, Self-Esteem, Self-Harm, Stress Management, Suicidal Ideation, Trauma

Throughout life we all face challenges, at times these can become increasingly overwhelming, and positive outlooks may start to seem more and more limited. Finding a therapist you feel you can work well with is critical to a successful treatment outcome and is key to making positive life changes. Mary approaches therapy by providing a safe and collaborative space that you can explore your issues and concerns without fear of judgment. She feels that therapy is unique for each individual and tailors treatment to fit each individual’s needs. Through a combination of therapeutic approaches Mary empowers her clients to reach their goals by focusing on their strengths, develop a greater self-understanding, identify thought and behavioral patterns that are interfering with their happiness, and master coping skills to improve their quality of life.

Mary is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She obtained her Bachelors degree from Indiana University with a major in psychology and went on to complete her Masters in Community Counseling at Loyola University Chicago. Mary has experience providing service for children, adolescents and adults in outpatient hospital settings, community mental health centers, and through community outreach work.

​Robin Fleming, MA, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Education: Adler School of Professional Psychology  
Phone: (847) 868-3435
Office Location: Chicago, IL

Specialties: Anxiety, Depression, Coping Mechanisms, Mood Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Transitional Issues/Adjustment, Identify Issues, Self-Esteem, Relationship Issues, Addictions, Anger Management, Academic Underachievement, ADD/ADHD, Chronic Mental health issues, Career Counseling, Communication and Social Skills, Social Anxiety, Time Management, Groups, Individuals (children, adolescent, adults, adolescents, older adults), Family

Robin looks forward to working with clients collaboratively to increase their understanding of themselves and the challenges they may be facing. Robin uses a variety of approaches, customized to the needs of her clients. Robin operates on the premise that people thrive when treated with dignity and respect. By providing an environment of acceptance and non-judgment, Robin supports clients as they identify and utilize their strengths, values, and abilities to overcome obstacles and live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Ultimately, Robin enjoys helping clients incorporate new ways of thinking and foster long-term improvements in their overall quality of life.

Robin received a Master’s degree from Adler University in Counseling and Organizational Psychology and is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor in Illinois. She has experience working with individuals and group settings. She has worked in a number of community mental health settings and long-term nursing facilities counseling clients from children to the older adult populations.

Christina Bigoness, RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Education: Benedictine University
Phone: (847) 868-3435
Office Location: Chicago, IL

Specialties: Diabetes, prediabetes, gestational diabetes, weight loss management, prenatal nutrition, postpartum/breastfeeding nutrition, hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), infant nutrition, pediatric nutrition, vegetarian diet, bariatric evaluation, geriatric nutrition, gastrointestinal disorders, chronic kidney disease, anemia, food allergies, celiac disease, non-diet approach, mindful eating, menu planning

Christina is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist as well as a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with a Dietetics concentration at Benedictine University and completed her internship in Arizona with the Southwestern Dietetic Internship. Christina has experience in both clinical and community nutrition and has worked with people of all ages and who have had a variety of medical conditions.

Christina works closely with each client to perform an adequate assessment, provide nutrition education and address any personal challenges the client may be facing. Christina sets specific, individualized and realistic goals with clients to help them reach the healthy lifestyle they seek. She is a firm believer in the motto “everything in moderation” and carries this rationale into her counseling.

Christina has loved to cook since she was young. She also enjoys going to different neighborhoods in and around the city and trying the different foods they have to offer. Her favorite places to travel to are Arizona and Michigan where she visits family and goes hiking.

​Shannon Hock, MA, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor​
Education: Adler University
Phone: (847) 868-3435
Office Location:  Chicago, IL

Specialties: Including but now limited to; Depression, Self-Injury, Suicidal Ideation, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Impulsivity, ADHD, Behavioral Disorders, Addiction, Substance Abuse, Dual-Diagnosis, Borderline Personality Disorder, Personality Disorders, Academic Underachievement, Bipolar Disorder, Mood Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Family Conflict, Relationship Issues (peers, significant others, partners, etc.), Dissociative Disorders, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Trauma, Abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, psychological, etc.), Autism Spectrum, Identity Issues, LGBTQ issues, Domestic Violence, Teen Dating Violence, Career Counseling,  Grief, Life-change/ Adjustment Issues, Life Coaching, Racial Identity, Thought Disorders, Phobias, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Dependency and Co-Dependency, Men's and Women's Issues, Issues of Childhood and Adolescence, Coping Skills, Body Image, Parenting. Couples Counseling, Children, Adolescents, Young Adults, Adults, Elders

Shannon feels that the relationship that she has with a client is the most important aspect of counseling.  With a safe and trusting environment, Shannon and her clients can collaboratively work through their specific needs together.  She believes that clients should feel as though they have power in counseling, in their decision-making and in their lives.  Shannon believes open and honest communication about ones' difficulties and the counseling process is key to success.  Shannon hopes to create a brave space where clients can be vulnerable, try new things and speak openly in a position where they feel accepted rather than judged.  Counseling can be uncomfortable, and it can also be fun and rewarding.  Shannon finds it important to bring humor to counseling in addition to the hard work that occurs at each session.

While Shannon uses different approaches and techniques with each client; a strengths-based approach is central to her work.  Everyone seeking treatment does so with strengths that continue to bring success throughout the journey. The first of these strengths is making an appointment and seeking the change for which they are ready. These strengths are often the driving force behind successes in treatment, help to build courage and tap into other strengths and assets.

Shannon has experience with and enjoys working with a range of clients both in terms of ages and reasons for seeking treatment. Shannon finds the counseling process an adventure and this is true for children, adolescents and adults of all ages. Forming a relationship and becoming a piece of someone’s life is an honor and Shannon strives to work just as hard as her clients throughout this process.

Shannon uses an eclectic orientation including aspects of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Solution-Focused, Mindfulness, Trauma-Informed, Strengths-Based, Person-Centered, Expressive Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and others.  This is important to Shannon because each individual is different, and Shannon does not believe that one orientation can encompass the entirety of a person. What works for one person will not work equally for another.  Clients are willing to be open and flexible with Shannon, and Shannon owes the same to them.

Shannon graduated from Adler University with a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, a CACREP accredited program. She also received domestic violence training through the Illinois Certified Domestic Violence Prevention Board.  She has experience working in a variety of settings including Inpatient, Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Partial Hospitalization (PHP), and forensic locations. She has experience with group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy.

Julia Pfeiffer RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian
Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
Education: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Phone: (847) 868-3435
Office Location: Chicago, IL

Specialties: Eating disorders, diabetes/prediabetes, food allergies, gestational diabetes, cancer, weight loss/weight management, prenatal nutrition, postpartum/breastfeeding nutrition, heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), infant nutrition, pediatric nutrition, vegetarian/vegan diet, bariatric evaluation, geriatric nutrition, gastrointestinal disorders, kidney disease/dialysis, anemia, celiac disease, non-diet approach, mindful eating, menu planning, corporate wellness, enteral and parenteral nutrition

What words come to mind when you hear the word “diet"?  Calories? Low carb/low fat?  Salads? No fun? Never again?

Julia doesn’t like the word “diet.” Why, you ask? Because healthy eating should not be a miserable, short-term experience, but an enjoyable, lifelong journey. Julia would like to challenge the word “diet” and promote new ways of thinking about healthy living.

Julia is passionate about health, nutrition, and most importantly, people. She facilitates an open, positive environment and tailors nutrition education and plans to each unique client. The dietitian is only a guide, while the clients lead the way to achieve their own goals towards a healthier lifestyle.

Julia is a registered dietitian. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and completed her dietetic internship at Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital. She has experience working with a wide variety of people with diverse medical conditions. Julia believes that healthy living can be fun, and she has the tools and experiences to demonstrate this to her clients.

Rocio Zapata MA, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Education: Roosevelt University
Phone: (847) 868-3435
Office Location: Chicago, IL

Specialties: Individuals (Children, Teenagers, Adults), Family Counseling, Anger Management, Anxiety, Behavior Issues, Coping Skills, Eating Disorder, Health Concerns, Depression, Grief/Loss, Substance Abuse, PTSD, Stress Management, Sexual Abuse Trauma, LGBTQ Concerns, Transitional Issues/Adjustment, Cultural Concerns, Self-Esteem, Parenting, Divorce, Relationship Issues, Communication and Social Skills, Academic Underachievement and College and Career Counseling

We all need someone to speak with, especially when our lives seem out of control and overwhelming. Rocio’s goal is to understand each client from a non-judgmental stance and establish a trusting relationship that provides support, empathy and genuineness. Rocio focuses on the individual strengths of her clients and believes that with practice, we all have the inner ability to effectively solve our problems. She helps her clients face challenges, reach their personal goals, and assists them in creating the positive future they desire. Rocio utilizes an integrative counseling approach that is tailored to the individual client and concentrates on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the client. She understands that it can be difficult to find the courage to ask for help, but feels that each client has already taken the brave first step by looking for the right therapist to share his/her concerns.

Rocio earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling from Roosevelt University. She is also currently pursuing her Doctorate Degree in Counseling Education and Supervision from Argosy University. Aside from working as a therapist, Rocio is also a School Counselor for Chicago Public Schools. She is fluent in Spanish

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