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PPC is a team of professional Psychologists, Social Workers and Certified Counsellors with various specialized areas of expertise.  We can match your individual needs with a counsellor that seems best for you, or you can choose who you would like to see yourself.  Our team can help you when it seems like your world is spinning out of control.  We work diligently and with integrity to help people deal with their personal difficulties.  Our therapists have a broad range of training and experience and are committed to working with clients to bring about positive results and timely resolution of issues. 
We don't believe that you need to be in crisis in order to use our services.  In fact, earlier intervention usually ensures a quicker solution.  Our job is to help you with your choices.  We do this by helping you to clarify the problem and working together to create solutions that work for you.
If a problem bothers you,it is real.  Remember, early interventions can mean the difference between solving a problem or going through a long period of struggle with a difficult situation.  That's when you should call PPC for caring, confidential and professional assistance.
Service Access -- Very commonly people use an EFAP (Employee Family Assistance Program) or pay privately for their sessions (and are often able to receive reimbursement through an insurance benefit provider).
Visit our website at www.peopleproblems.ca to see photos of our exceptional counsellors and our historic office location -- and to learn more about us.

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