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Rachael Kool strives to help you gain confidence in the person you truly are and inspire you to live in a way that brings you a sense of control and wholehearted living.  We all strive to have control in our lives but typically end up frustrated, annoyed, uncomfortable, and discouraged.  Let Rachael Kool help you figure out what areas you need to practice more control in and which areas you need to let go of.  
Issues Rachael helps people with:
-Eating Disorders
-Anxiety in adults and children
-Mood disorders
-Childhood trauma
-Relationship issues 
-Family concerns
What is therapy with Rachael like? 
Therapy with Rachael is hands on.  She strives to engage you in the skills you are learning with various activities and exercises that will bring more understanding and confidence to use them outside the therapy room.  Rachael also strives to bring your thoughts and emotions to life so you will feel you can organize them, understand them, and be more constructive with them rather than feeling like you are on a constant hamster wheel.  
What are the benefits of counseling with Rachael?
-Improve understanding of yourself
-Gain more self confidence and worth
-Communicate more effectively with those around you
-Overcoming issues you thought you never would
What type of therapy does Rachael utilize?
Rachael believes YOU are the expert of you.  She makes sure she understands your values and perspectives of the world in order to make sure she can help find ways to achieve change and success in a way that will work the best for the way you function.  She does this by utilizing a lot of different counseling theories and techniques.  The most common counseling theories used are
-Cognitive behavioral therapy: This theory helps those stuck in unhelpful thinking patterns that distort how they view the world, themselves, and those around them.  It helps many identify their disfunctional thinking better and learn ways to change it to be more functional.
-Dialectical Behavior therapy:  This theory helps people bring themselves more fully into the present moment instead of constantly existing ahead of themselves or behind themselves in their thought life.  It also brings an element of acceptance that helps people make better choices.
-Solutions Focused therapy: This theory helps people better understand the goals they are striving for, the reason they want to attain them, and what it is going to take for them to achieve them.  
-Expressive Arts therapy:  This theory allows people understand their emotional side more fully by engaging in different types of activities that more fully stimulate the emotional side of their brain.  It helps many better identify the emotions they are experiencing, understand them, and feel more confident feeling them and working through them.
Cost of therapy:
Rachael is able to bill most major insurance companies including:
-Blue Cross Blue Shield / Blue Care Network
-Priority Health
Some insurance plans have out of network benefits so Rachael would be happy to provide a bill for you to submit.  Rachael's out of pocket fee is $120 per 50 minute session (applies to couples, families, and individuals).  Your financial situation is important to Rachael so please let her know if you are struggling financially as a sliding scale is possible on a case by case basis.
2335 Burton St. SE Suite 130
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Phone: 616-929-0189  
Master's degree from Cornerstone University
Licensed Professional Counselor 

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