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Are you experiencing a less than fulfilling life? Are you going through a life transition such as grief & loss?  Perhaps stress or anxiety has become unmanageable.  Seeking out a counselor is your first step to creating the kind of life you desire.  Together we will walk through your challenges.  You will gain greater insight and develop new life skills.  It will be my honor to develop a therapeutic relationship with you. 

Meet Rachel Lupercio, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.  Rachel practices under the company name of Excelerated Living with the mission statement of “Living a life excelerated and in the spirit of excellence”.
Experience:  Rachel has been associated with the behavioral field for over 30 years working in human resources and employee relations.  Working in a priviate practice as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist has given Rachel the opportunity to expand and work with individuals, couples, families and groups in a more extensive and personal space.  Additionally, Rachel offers her experience as a Life Coach to her clients when they are ready to go to the next level in their life professionally or personally.  Together connecting your values to discover what motivates you and develop your personalized plan.  As a Certified Hypnotherapist Rachel also offers her clients the opportunity to experience hypnosis as an effective treatment protocol in a variety of situations including but not limited to smoking cessation, insomnia, stress/anxiety, weight management, and goal accomplishment.
Passion :Opening a private practice in counseling has allowed Rachel to further her passion and her calling in being instrumental to the well-being of others.  Rachel realizes that as relational beings we are affected by our connections and our interpersonal struggles.  These struggles can hinder our success in having a fulfilled life. Rachel is very much interested in being instrumental to the emotional and mental well-being of her clients and it is her aim to provide and facilitate a healing experience through the therapeutic relationship.  Through the invitation of a secure attachment the client builds from a safe, warm and accepting environment.  Rachel offers you the opportunity to share your deepest conflicts and challenges while she walks with you through your personal journey.
Approach: As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Rachel works from the holistic family systems perspective in consideration of family of origin attachments and experiences.  Rachel works with individuals, couples, and families in assisting them through their challenges and give them tools to help them in their daily lives.

Benefits: Rachel, will work with you in creating your best life now.  As Rachel's client you will find that her ability to connect with you, her experience and her wisdom will create a fulfilling experience in which your efforts toward overcoming your challenges will be well worth your investment.  

Additionally, Rachel is also available for speaking and workshop engagements.  For further information please visit Rachel’s website at ExceleratedLiving.com or contact her at 1-888-593-2081.  

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