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  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • 60 Westwood Avenue, Waterbury, Connecticut, 06708
  • Phone: 203-757-8766
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   I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist who received a Doctoral degree
   in 1990 from Antioch University. Throughout my thirty year professional career
   as an organizational consultant, psychotherapist and Psychologist, I have held
   various clinical and consultant positions in the United States, Sweden, and
   South America. For the past eighteen years, I have been practicing in
   Waterbury, CT.

   I am a member of the American Psychological Association as well as
   the Connecticut Psychological Association.

   I am also admitted as an Associate Medical Staff member at Waterbury
   Hospital in Waterbury, CT.

   Within a warm, safe and caring environment, i specialize in a cognitive-behavioral approach
    to successfully treat a multitude of psychological problems. Among these are anxiety and stress-
   related disorders, depressive and bi-polar disorders, post-traumatic stress, victimization of abuse,
   dissociative disorders, relationship difficulties, alternative lifestyle difficulties,
   sexual dysfunction, and personality disorders.  I am able to treat adults as well as couples.
   My psychotherapeutic treatments are tailored to the particular needs of the patients who are referred to me,
   and to specific therapeutic aims.  All religious faiths are respected, as are all the many and varied lifestyles
   that people might have.  My own spiritual beliefs are a central component of who I am as a person.

   I am married, and have two children.

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