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I'm a somatic psychotherapist who focuses on working with people on the spiritual path who are ready to find their way to and through stuck places and buried feelings. I have decades of experience in helping people grow and change. My goal in working with you is to increase your capacity to feel more deeply—the emotions of your heart and the sensations of your body—and face parts of yourself that are scary and difficult to access so that you can live your life with energy, wisdom and love.

We all come into this world with some kind of wound that is both our nemesis and our salvation. We face illnesses, inner obstacles, unresolved fears, and deep life challenges that seek to break our sense of control—and ultimately, to break our hearts open.

 My work with clients is based on a paradigm shift—from seeing our emotional and life challenges as problems or pathologies, to experiencing them as symptoms of awakening and transformational opportunities. This is a welcome shift from victimhood to conscious and empowered living. Your efforts to heal, grow and awaken are built within you. Despite how hard it may seem at times, no effort you take is ever lost and it is always worth it. Your longing to live wholeheartedly—to feel connected and worthy of love—is so vital and my role is to support, encourage and, at times, guide you in making this happen. 

True inner work is not a fast path or quick fix for feeling better. It takes place at a gradual pace with compassion and deep, steady awareness. Still, my clients often feel a certain change or quickening early on in the process. Somatic psychotherapy can be the place where you heal and unleash the power within deep wounds and re-connect with your deepest self.

My style of somatic psychotherapy combines talk-therapy with somatic experiencing (body-based awareness). This process slowly accesses the sensations, feelings, and thoughts that are held deep in your tissues and cells. It is useful for clearing trauma you hold in your body and getting to the deeper parts of the problem/calling. My sessions allow for spaciousness.

 Somatic psychotherapy is often more effective and longer lasting than traditional talk therapy because it incorporates elements of your heart and mind that live in your body and require making a connection so these elements can be released, healed and transformed. Talk therapy is useful at the level of cognitive and emotional difficulties but often doesn’t fully access the level of trauma, which is often the driver of your cognitive and emotional issues. 

Finding the right person to work with is essential. Even with recommendations and careful research, one still needs to feel the intangibles of a relationship, which can only come from sitting in another person’s presence, which I encourage you to do with your free 30 minute session. With that said, here are a few things about me.

My work is greatly influenced by the work and lineages of Peter Levine (somatic experiencing), John Bowlby (attachment theory), Diane Poole Heller (somatic attachment therapy), Ray Castellino (birth trauma), Neil Stephen Cohen (integrative awakening), Rachael Kessler et al (social-emotional learning),  Joan Harrigan (Traditional Kundalini Science) and David Whyte (poet, author of The Three Marriages).

In the field of therapy, what interests me greatly is how our early attachment experiences influence our neurological wiring and shape our ability to connect and bond with others. I am also interested in how somatic experiencing can be used not only for trauma and but for everyday, full-bodied awareness.

Lasting healing and psychological and spiritual integration happens with and through the body. Somatic experiencing and love are integral to my practice. And, since much of my previous career focused on facilitation and communication, I weave in the skills of coaching depending upon the goals of my clients.

I have been married and divorced and have started and transitioned out of two businesses so I know the joys and the heartbreaks of intimacy, failure and deep personal growth, which continues within me. I feel lucky to be able to share and feel deep support on a regular basis.

I am a registered psychotherapist in the state of Colorado and an accredited coach through the Yoga2Life Coach Training Alliance. I did my graduate work at the University of Colorado at Boulder, though my most important graduate work came later—and still continues. I am the author of The Insight Story Cards: Everyday Symbol Cards for Personal Exploration, among many other articles and essays, some of which are included on my website.

Finally, if you’re still reading… 

Transformational change happens through an awakening of the Heart. The small voice within slowly finds a way to emerge through the darkness each one of us carries. Our darkness may show up as fear, anxiety, depression, or rage. It may show up as an unexpected event that humbles us and breaks our hearts. Or it may show up as a vague sense that there is something missing in our lives.  With care and a deep personal commitment, we can begin to touch the shy, vulnerable part of ourselves and awaken that which is beyond words and which truly sustains us.

By taking the time to go within and feel all that is there, we take the Hero's Journey. It is rarely easy but the rewards are worth all our efforts. That the light is only to be found in the darkness is the greatest of mysteries.

"…be attentive to what is rising within you,

and place that above everything else…

What is happening in your innermost self

is worthy of your entire love;

somehow you must find a way to work at it."

-        Rainer Maria Rilke (20th-century German poet)

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