Raymond Jones, Ph.D, LMFT, CSAT-S

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  • Marriage Therapist, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist
  • 416 W. Badillo Street, Covina, California, 91723
  • Phone: 855.789.9987
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  • Session Fees: 90 min Intake - $250; ON GOING SESSIONS - 90 min ongoing - $175; 50 min ongoing - $150; 2 hour ongoing - $200
  • www.aspencenter.org

It's been a wild ride to be sure. From being a kid in a crazy, alcoholic family, I got too used to the crazy train. I figured out how to get out and good grades was my ticket. I did my studies well, attended university, seminary, then graduate school. In the process I became quite skilled at various forms of therapy, and found God could use me to help a lot of differing people. 
Over time (30 years) I found myself working well with difficult issues like Addiction, Obsessiveness, Anxiety and Depression. But I really shined when I worked with Sex Addiction. As more of my patients got healthy we all had to take a look at what healthy sexuality was all about and how my patients could re-enjoy healthy sexuality.
My joy these days is to assist individuals and couples to re-establish their rightful identity in God, with each other, and within themselves. I love, absolutely love to help couples re-gain their rightful intimacy. If I take you one as a client, or patient, I will work hard to help you gain the freedom and confidence you've wanted.  

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