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Feel heard and accepted

We are all works-in-progress. Let us work together towards your more fulfilled life.

Therapy is a mysterious and liberating process. An encounter with a therapist is an indescribable collaboration of two minds to discover the unique connection between life’s events, inner experience and relationship to our world.
I will be with you as you unburden your heart, face your challenges, and explore your dilemmas. I will be with you when you try to describe disconnect with the world around you, with your inner life, or between your behavior and your intentions.  I will be with you as you learn to trust your feelings and listen to your desires. 
Listening to yourself 
Listening to yourself has three general steps. Mindfully we will notice physical sensations that alert you to your emotional states. Identifying an underlying feeling, accepting its presence in the body, and experiencing it fully allows you to address internal conflict, and helps you bring it to resolution.  Emotion is the catalyst that drives both our distress, but also our healing. This general structure is like a dance in which the steps are known, but the beauty is in the creative response to the music. Your experience is the unpredictable music.
Practice and grow confidence
Practicing this sequence in my reassuring presence will bring you into contact with yourself in a new and exciting way. Your trust in your own understanding will grow. You will learn the skills and confidence to feel more at peace with your experience of your inner world, and how to translate that knowledge into interaction with your outer world. 
About me
I have recently returned to Alberta, my birthplace after living in many different places in the world, and much of the last 20 years in the US.  My wide exposure to cultures and languages means I am comfortable with a diverse clientele.  I am licensed as a mental health counsellor in New York State, and certified through the National Board of Counsellors in the US, and through the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.
I have long worked to grow, and change and to develop the skills I bring to the therapy room. Teaching was my first vocation, and then I wanted to assist directly the emotional development  and enrichment of individuals. This led to in-depth training in therapies to aid you, the client, to transcend the difficulties or distress that you face. 
I continue to learn and grow in my therapy skills with ongoing training in experiential mind-body therapies and the practice of mindfulness.
I look forward to hearing from you and to the start of our exciting work together.  


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