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I think of counseling as an opportunity for storytelling.  Each person has a story or stories to tell. When we are unable to do so - whether it's because we don't have anyone to share them with or because we don't have the words or knowledge to share those word - seeking help from a professional is a viable option.

I will:
  • Support and challenge you
  • Call you out when needed 
  • Help you set healthy boundaries 
  • Learn from you, and
  • Take a walk with you when it is too nice to be inside or you feel the need to move 

I work primarily with individuals - adolescents and older. I also enjoy working with parents of children on the autism spectrum and that have other parenting difficulties. Therapeutically, I mostly work from a Rogerian perspective; meaning that I believe the therapeutic relationship, partnered with unconditional acceptance and positive regard can be powerful tools for change. Jeffrey Kottler states that "A therapist who is vibrant, inspirational, and charismatic; who is sincere, loving, and nurturing; and who is wise, confident, and self-disciplined will have a dramatic impact through the sheer force and power of her essence, regardless of her theoretical allegiances." I strive to be that therapist.

Like many others impacted by September 11th, the trajectory of my life changed that day. I first seriously considered working in the psychology field after I watched footage from the bombing of Baghdad in 2003. Looking at the images on television stirred something in me and I knew that those soldiers were going to need help reintegrating when they came home; and potentially for working through what they had seen. Since 2003, I have worked to become a therapist that both understands military culture and provides competent counseling services. I have worked in the mental health field since 2006. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Northwestern - St. Paul and a master's degree in mental health counseling from Capella University. I have completed advanced training in complex trauma and dissociation from Midwest Center for Trauma and Emotional Healing.

Outside of the counseling field, I enjoy spending time outside, reading and learning, pursuing photography, and playing with my children. I continue to serve our country in the Army Reserve and have since 2000. I am passionate about helping others, looking out for the underdog, integrating faith when asked, and providing hope to my clients until they are able to hold on to it themselves.

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