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Why do I love my work as a therapist?

Because I have seen hope renewed where all hope seemed lost.

I have witnessed how courageous individuals overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.

I have seen severely damaged relationships refreshed in meaningful ways.

And I have witnessed how families can access their own resources and strengths to overcome seemingly impossible challenges.

And I get to play a part in helping these courageous people renew hope, overcome insurmountable challenges, refresh damaged relationships, and access their own resources and strengths.

There is always hope.   

I would love to join you and your family in renewing hope, overcoming challenges, and building upon your strengths.

Personal & Professional Experience

I am passionate about the work that I am honored to do as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I greatly value the opportunity to provide care and support for individuals, couples, and families as they work to navigate life’s challenges.

In my work, I draw on personal experiences as a wife, a mother, a twice-deployed veteran of the Army National Guard, a pastor’s daughter, a sister to 3 brothers, and a committed friend.

Professionally, I have provided care for people facing the following kinds of concerns: depression, anxiety, trauma experiences (PTSD), abuse, relationship problems, conflict resolution,  sexual concerns,  difficulty managing life stressors, employment challenges, military family challenges, combat-related problems , and spiritual concerns.  I also have experience with a range of problems that are not listed, and I am happy to work with clients in other areas.

I specialize in providing therapy to :

* Survivors of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse

*Teens  experiencing low self-esteem, anxiety, suicidal thinking, depression, or facing difficulties with their families

*People coping with trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

* Women working to find balance and direction between college/career and relationships

* Service members , veterans, and their families

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