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“Do you have days where you feel anxious for no reason at all?” or, “you find it difficult to do the things that you really want to do?" Together, we can work on strategies that allow you to address the root causes of your difficulties and overcome what is weighing you down most in life. Traditional therapeutic approaches include seeing a therapist with the goal of dealing with your current and past situations. You accomplish this over an 8-12-week period,
where you sit for one-hour per week and discuss your thoughts and what is going on with you. The therapist listens and is able to diagnose the problem and create the environment for change. Once you feel better and believe the problem is resolved, you terminate therapy and continue with your life.  Sometime down the road of life however, you experience a similar, yet different crisis in which you are not mentally prepared for. You then return to therapy to organize your thoughts and express this new problem that has emerged. In this case, previous
therapy was successful in helping you cope with a particular crisis in your life, but did not give you what you needed to cope with future crisis or potential circumstances. A therapeutic approach that integrates education, is one that recognizes “if you give a man a fish, he will eat for one day. Teach a man how to fish and you will feed him

for a lifetime.” Our unique approach is designed to not only help you with your issues today, but your future issues as well. We accomplish this by integrating Psychoeducation in our treatment approach. .
Psychoeducation is critical to your treatment because it is through learning that most maladaptive behaviors develop, and through learning that they will be alleviated. When you learn new things, and you apply what you learn, you change the inner workings of your brain. This is the essence of neuroplasticity, the ability to rewire your brain. 

My name is Regina Peacock LCSW, the founder of Healthy Mind & Brain Center and we specialize in changing lives! We have over 10-years of experience working with issues related to anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, ADHD, trauma, stress due to life issues and more. We also provide neurofeedback and psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families. We care deeply about our clients, so we work with the highest level of patience and care to create an atmosphere of healing.

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