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At Relate Therapy Center, we specialize in relationships and we help individuals, couples, and families who are hurting or struggling improve their lives and relationships. 

Maybe you have been feeling stuck and are frustrated that your efforts to change have not worked.  Maybe you are tired of having the same fight with your partner that you haven't been able to resolve.  Maybe the conflicts that you've been facing in your family feel too complex to solve and you need some help and direction to try and make things better.  No matter what struggle you're facing, we can help. 


We offer individual therapy, and we help people who are struggling with: 

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • relationship struggles
  • life stressors
  • identity concerns
  • grief and loss
  • spiritual and religious issues
  • sexuality and sexual identity concerns
  • identity struggles
  • codependency
  • and more...

We offer both weekly and intensive couples therapy (multiple sessions over a week or weekend) to help couples that are struggling with:

  • infidelity
  • sex addition / pornography
  • communication difficulties
  • contemplating separation or divorce
  • parenting conflicts
  • family of origin conflicts
  • dishonesty / betrayal
  • infertility / family planning issues
  • problems with intimacy (emotional, sexual, etc.)
  • and more...

We offer premarital therapy to help couples prepare for their most important relationship before it starts.  For some, this might mean working to strengthen an already strong relationship.  For others, this might mean working out a few issues before walking down the aisle.  Whichever the case, we can help couples strengthen their relationship by focusing on issues that can be challenging in marriage, such as:

  • finances 
  • in-laws
  • communication difficulties
  • family or origin issues
  • unresolved / nagging conflicts
  • school / work stressors
  • children
  • family planning
  • and more...

We offer family therapy to help families navigate a wide variety of struggles and concerns.  Our therapists are trained in working with family systems and can intervene to help bring relief and change to your family.  We help families who are dealing with many struggles, including:

  • parent-child conflict
  • family crisis
  • infidelity
  • problem behaviors
  • substance abuse
  • sibling conflict
  • divorce
  • infidelity
  • single-parent support
  • coping with mental illness
  • coping with physical illness
  • communication issues
  • religious struggles
  • not fitting in ("black sheep" in the family)
  • family business
  • financial struggles
  • and more...

We also provide group therapy for a number of different concerns.  For more information about our groups, check out our group page:


At Relate, our rates vary depending on each therapist’s level of experience and expertise.  As a result, we are able to offer fees that can accommodate most budgets.  Please contact us for more information about finding a therapist that can work with your specific budget.

People can use their insurance for our services, although we are not in-network providers for any insurance companies.  We can provide you with a  superbill receipt that can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement (contact your insurance company to determine what rate they reimburse for out-of-network therapists).


We currently have offices in Pasadena and San Diego.

  • ·       Pasadena—130 South Euclid Ave., Suite 2 Pasadena, CA 91101
  • ·       San Diego—4452 Park Blvd., Suite 302 San Diego, CA 92116


We can be reached by email or telephone.  We do our best to return your message within one business day (most of the time we can respond the same day you contact us).

  • Email:
  • Pasadena telephone: 626-263-7528
  • San Diego telephone: 619-330-9065 


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