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Is your relationship in trouble?  Are you fighting all of the time?

Or was there an affair or other betrayal? 

Are you or your loved one struggling with a sex addiction or porn addiction?

Is sex a problem between you? 

Are you struggling with a past trauma that is still bothering you?


 Meet Renee Segal, MA, LMFT Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist and Supervisor

I am well aware that you might be self-conscious with the idea of going to a counselor and seeking therapy. It takes a lot of courage to reach out for help especially when you are hurting and feeling vulnerable. I believe that it is part of life to experience hurt, pain and disappointment sometimes.

Therefore, it is important to me that you feel comfortable. One of the ways that I feel safe is if I know a little about the person that I am talking with. Sometimes people like to know a little about their therapist.

I have been married for over 25 years. I have two young adult children so I know personally both the joys and challenges that married life can bring. I have been a yoga teacher for 9 years. This practice is very meaningful to me because it is a moving mindfulness practice which helps me stay grounded, and fully in the present moment. I also have a daily meditation practice. This helps me to be the best therapist I can be by being open, empathic and compassionate.

I am a runner and have run 2 marathons and several half marathons; I love biking, swimming and lifting weights as well. When I am not working, being outside and in the sun is really important to me, no matter what the season, so you will generally find me outside. I am a big fan of coffee and dark chocolate.  I love to read and you will see many books in my office.  I also enjoy movies and I may recommend a book or a movie for you but it won’t ever be a requirement to your therapy work

Doing couples and marriage counseling is a favorite of mine, I enjoy repairing the bonds between couples. My couples tell me that afterwards they feel more connected to their partners and more at ease with themselves.

I view counseling as a way to help you with your life, not a way of life.  My goal is to help you get on with your life and what matters most to you.


 My areas of specialty are:

  • Couples counseling & Marriage therapy
  • Recovery from affairs and infidelity
  • Sex Therapy
  • Sex addiction, porn addiction and Cybersex
  • Recovery from past trauma 

Clinical Experience

I have had clinical experience working with:

  • Sexual abuse and sexual assault
  • Sexual addiction and sexual compulsivity
  • Infidelity and affair recovery
  • Internet addiction and cyber-sex
  • Co-dependency
  • Trauma PTSD
  • Grief and loss
  • Anxiety, fears, depression
  • Anger
  • Spirituality
  • Forgiveness
  • Self esteem issues
  • Underachievement
  • Women’s issues
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Midlife crisis and empty nest issues
  • Identity issues (LGBTQ)-questioning
  • self-improvement or growth  


Approach to Couples Counseling

Families create, maintain and live by spoken and unspoken rules. People are best understood within the family system. We choose partners to help us heal and work out our unresolved problems. It is assumed that you and your partner want to a loving, secure and close bond. As such, the approach is guided by Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

According to the originator of this approach, the core questions we all want answered from our partner are, “Are you there for me? Do I matter to you? Will you come when I need you?” EFT can help you go from “I’m not sure” to “yes, I know you are there for me. I know I matter to you. I know you will be there when I call.”

Through Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, you will restructure the negative repetitive cycles you and your partner get caught in, over and over, feeling like there is no way to stop. The goal is to help you go from angry, withdrawn, hostile and guarded in your relationship, to feeling safer, warmer and more bonded. Most of all, the love, trust and connection that you once had with your partner can be rekindled and grow to a deeper level than ever before.

Approaching Individual Counseling

A respectful, collaborative, optimistic and holistic approach is used. People are best understood based on how they relate to others. This is rooted in the patterns learned in their most significant relationship experiences – usually their relationship with their parents. So your family history is very important.

Since reality and meaning are created by you, what you think about your problem and yourself is very important. It is also significant what is happening for you in the present moment, in the therapy room and in the therapeutic relationship. Your problems will be undermined by looking at some of your beliefs about yourself, the world and how you might be unknowingly perpetuating the problem. 


 I am Certified and a Supervisor in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, one of only two methods of couple therapy that is proven to work, even in extremely distressed couples. It is an experiential type of therapy that is based on attachment theory and is effective in 90% of cases by reducing couples distress. To learn more about this type of therapy here is a video.

I am fully trained in an extensively researched and effective method of trauma treatment called Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. I am also trained in Prepare-Enrich, a widely used premarital couples instrument.  

 In the Media     

 Here Renee Talk about why people cheat and have affairs:


Meet Our Other Counselors in Minneapolis, Minnesota

We are a team of therapists and relationship counselors. 

Moraya DeGeare, MA, LMFT


Do you feel like you are having the same argument over and over again? You are in a relationship, yet feeling more alone then ever? I enjoy helping couples break out of unhealthy patterns and find connection again. Some of the couples I work with say they feel more connected now then they ever. They are having more fun getting to know each other after years of marriage then when they started dating. Let me help you bring joy back into your relationship.

I utilize Emotional Focused Therapy with couples to unlock the unhealthy cycles that trap people. I am passionate about helping people find their voice and help loved ones hear that voice.  Sometimes the most important relationship is the one with the self. During individual therapy, I see my role as a guide to help navigate through the life’s challenges, such as addiction, divorce, or grief to rediscover you and find your center and purpose. 

It can be hard to open up to a perfect stranger so let me tell you a little about myself. I come from a large musical, liberal, and multi-cultural family from the east coast. I am black, white, and Japanese and my husband is also multi-racial. This is one of the reasons I am passionate about working with mixed race couples. In my own life, I have navigated the challenges of marriage, family, and grief and loved ones with addiction and mental illness.

My Family is now settled in the Midwest with our young son and two very energetic dogs. I love cooking, testing recipes, and our house is kept gluten free because I have celiac which is an autoimmune disease.

Let me help you translate your emotions so you and your partner can communicate again to openly and honestly rebuild trust.





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