Rita Van Dooren, BSW

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Rita Van Dooren
Registered Social Worker
 Office: Burlington/ Oakville
Focus: Child and Family Counselling, Parenting, Women’s Reproductive Mental Health,Stress Management, Life Transitions, Complicated Grief, Mood Disorders, Spiritual and Emotional Abuse Recovery, Christian Counselling.
 When we struggle with emotional pain that interferes with our ability to enjoy life, we all need a place to land and process our pain. By seeking counselling, you have chosen to engage in a collaborative process where people who are hurting break out of stuck placestoexplore alternate ways of seeing and doing. You may actually discover that the counselling relationshipmay be the first placeyou receive nonjudgmental affirmation and validation.

Servingthose brave enough to take on the hard work of emotional restorationis an amazing privilege.I see one’s journey as having been influenced by everypart of life’sexperience andonce we understand what makes us who we are, we embark on a new understanding of that journey.This self-awareness gives us insights into our strugglesbut the tools required for emotional and spiritual growth, is where the real work happens.
 I remember well the stigma of my experience with anxiety and postpartum depression.Later, I became involved with setting up a post-partum service agency that offer ededucational resources for health professionals and families. I remain passionate to this day about the value of equipping families to be the best they can be.More recently, as a mental health counsellor in a medical setting, much of my work was addressing the psychosocial and interpersonal barriers to wellness, which is a timely and important addition to physicians in family practices.
The therapeutic interventions I employ depend on what is deemed to be the best fit for the person entering the counselling relationship. Whatever their journey looks like,the client remains in control of the process and direction of the work.Although counsellors have access to many kinds of interventions, I prefer to use a therapeutic lens that addresses attachment injury and its impact on the developmental milestones and relationships throughout the lifespan. The understanding of how early developmental trauma or life’s adversities impact on our capacity for attachment, is an integralcomponent toward understanding why some of us seem more resilient to life’s challenges than others.

I look forward to partnering those who wish to explore and discover their inner strengths and who seek to find the confidence to rise above adversity. To be a part of this journey with you would be a great honour.“When we deny our feelings, we stop feeling anything and the opposite of curious is disengagement. When we deny our stories, we disengage from tough emotions but they don’t go away. They own and define us. Our job is not to deny the story but to deny the ending. To rise strong, recognize our story and the humble truth of its impact, we arrive at a place where we can say, yes this has happened. This is my truth and I will choose how the story ends.”

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