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With a full spectrum of effective services available, Riverwoods Behavioral Health is the Atlanta area’s premier provider of mental health and addiction treatment for adolescents, adults, and adults of advanced age. From the very moment a person steps foot through Riverwoods’ doors, he or she is treated with the utmost respect and provided with only the most appropriate services to alleviate the distressing symptoms he or she is experiencing. During the streamlined admissions process, individuals’ needs are assessed and a level of care is recommended so that only the most favorable treatment outcomes result. Among the levels of care that a person may engage in at Riverwoods, services range from highly structured to less intensive treatment that allow individuals to achieve healthier lives and reach their treatment goals.
Inpatient treatment is available for adolescents, adults, and senior adults on separate units. Within this level of care, a person will participate in individual, group, and family therapies to learn how to effectively manage mental health disorder symptoms. Furthermore, medication management services that are supervised by expertly trained psychiatrists are available so that symptoms not well-managed by coping skills alone can be alleviated. Inpatient care is a short-term treatment option that can be the first step on an individual’s healing journey.
Additionally, once inpatient treatment is complete, or if a person does not need the structure of an inpatient setting, partial hospitalization programming, or PHP, may be the most appropriate level of care.
This option for care is less restrictive than inpatient treatment and allows a person to refine coping skills, develop the confidence needed to manage mental illness symptoms or resist substance abuse in beneficial ways, and become part of a healing community that can enhance the treatment experience overall.
Finally, Riverwoods Behavioral Health offers intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) for individuals of all ages. This level of care, which is less structured than PHP but more intensive than traditional outpatient services, provides invaluable treatment for those who are looking to refine coping skills and develop new methods for handling mental illness symptoms and holding true to recovery goals. Once done with the services available in IOP, an individual can then participate in traditional outpatient care as a means of receiving further support to maintain a healthier lifestyle.
In choosing to come to Riverwoods Behavioral Health, men, women, and young people alike can receive the care they need to truly become well again. From the intake assessment through the time of discharge, individuals will develop into more productive, responsible, and confident people, ready to achieve to their full potential.  

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