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Specialties & Expertise:


Couples & Families, Depression and Anxiety Struggles, Stress & Anger Management, Grief & Loss, Addictions & Codependency.


Treatment Modality:


            My prime Tools are Mindfulness Based Therapy, Radical Acceptance, & DBT Skills, otherwise known as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Relationship Skills – 5 A’s which is my own creation.




My counseling career began in 1981, therefore I have 34 years of mental health experience. I began my journey working as a residential counselor in group homes working with emotionally disturbed and juvenile delinquent children and their families. I worked in a cemetery, funeral home, and hospice care for number of years. I worked in school sites as a school counselor. I have been in full time private practice for the last 15 years working with a number of populations including children, teens, marriage, families, pre-engagement, men and women with various depression, anxiety, relational, stress and anger issues, addictions and codependency.




            I share in the beginning that therapy is a 2-Fold Process. One part is your need to feel comfortable enough to share whatever is important in your heart, as freely as possible. The other part is my belief there is much to learn, so I make it clear I am active in feedback and even teaching when appropriate; it is very common that I am asked about “Tools” and I resoundly respond with “absolutely.” It is very important to make sense of what works in therapy and this is different for everyone. I believe it is important to understand what Progress looks like too.

            My therapeutic philosophy is very existential, humanistic, and spiritual combined with dialectical behavioral and mindfulness based therapy. Mindfulness has been one of the most profound, meaningful, and life changing things I have learned and encourage just about everyone I sit with to learn as well.

            Symptom relief is critical, change is desired, and yet therapy is paradoxical because there will still be struggles and problems, but I believe you can grow from struggles and problems and learn how they don’t have to get the best of you. You can learn how to make healthier choices and understand what healthy and appropriate control looks like too.

            I have a strong belief about Responsibility & Awareness; I will often repeat that the more Responsible you take and Awareness you develop for your life the more Empowered, Encouraged and Freedom you will experience. I believe it’s important to learn and discover what healthy love and relationships look and feel like. I will often express “the problem is not the problem, the problem is how we deal with problems” and another favorite is that “you can’t change what you don’t understand, therefore understanding is another goal” that manifests in various ways.

            Perhaps one of the most important goals is a better understanding of yourself, because there is where it all really starts. The more you understand yourself the more potential you have of experiencing the kind of life you desire. Self-esteem is critical as well, and how to gain a healthy understanding of your self-esteem is just as important.

            Therapeutic Healing & Improvement is Paradoxical. You must realize life will still be a struggle, yet you can Be Encouraged to realize what you Learn & Choose to Implement can lead to a more meaningful life. Everyone wants to feel better, but it’s really learning how to get better at feeling.


Personal Biography:


            I am a Christian & I am very human. I love what I so and find utmost satisfaction if I sense that I’ve helped anyone gain a little more perspective, freedom from symptoms, improved sense of self-worth, and healthier relationships. I have been married for 25 years and I have a son in high school and a daughter that has graduated from college. I am also a cancer survivor.




            Doctorate of Psychology – California Coast University; 1998

            Masters in Counseling Psychology; 1995

            BA in Psychology & Theology; 1981

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