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Are you looking to:

•Reduce emotional suffering from anxiety, depression, excessive anger, or childhood trauma?

•Cope with illness, divorce, or loss?

•Enhance performance in a career or school?

•Improve or even save a relationship?

•Get your life back from self-limiting thoughts and behaviors?

•Connect better with a teen or help get a teen’s life back on track?

Dr. Robert Nemerovski, Psy.D. is committed to providing effective, compassionate, safe support to help you heal and grow.


Dr. Nemerovski took an unusual path to becoming a psychologist. He studied history and architecture at U.C. Berkeley and lived for a time in Florence Italy.

He entered the professional world through his roles in business development, management, and human resources. Dr. Nemerovski was successful in the businesses he managed, but he always felt a strong pull to help people while learning about the human mind and personalities. After 15 years in the business world, he could no longer resist this pull and began his pursuit of a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. 

Between his intensive studies and internships, Dr. Nemerovski developed a particular interest in how the normal emotion of anger develops and serves us but can become "toxic" and out of control, even ruin relationships and lives. He researched and wrote his dissertation on the topic of Road Rage where he developed support for a new theory of how rage develops and how relatively simple changes in our thinking can keep anger in check and prevent violence and aggression on the road and beyond. Dr. Nemerovski has written articles, made public appearances, and been interviewed on television for his views on this important topic.


Dr. Nemerovski is a clinical psychologist who specializes in the assessment and treatment of:

•Anger Management Problems

•Panic and Anxiety

•Men's Issues

•Teen Problems


In addition, he works regularly to help clients dealing with:

•Depression / Grief

•Bipolar Disorder

•Psychotic Disorders

•Self Esteem Problems

•Relationship/family Issues

•Parenting Challenges

•Career Concerns

•Self-improvement or Growth

Dr. Nemerovski also works with clients dealing with issues related to the business environment due to his extensive experience in business development and management.


Dr. Nemerovski helps his clients find new ways to cope with life's circumstances, reduce suffering, and develop healthier ways to relate to themselves and others. He supports and guides clients so they can meet their individual human potentials. Dr. Nemerovski approaches each and every client as a unique individual with deep truths that underlies her or his suffering or blocks crucial growth. These truths may need to be uncovered, explored, and learned from in the therapy process. He believes that healing also comes from a willingness to experience, explore, and feel one's emotions, whether they are related to past or present circumstances. Unexamined and unfelt emotions can frequently lead to unwanted or painful symptoms. 

It is important to Dr. Nemerovski that each client feels respected, accepted, and understood. His stance is one of kindness, compassion, concern, and respect. He tailors his approach to each individual and her or his needs, goals, and resources. Dr. Nemerovski feels truly honored to be able to sit in the therapy room with his clients, help them feel heard in a way people rarely are, and join them in an individualized therapeutic journey.


Contact Dr. Nemerovski (415-272-3282 or to talk about your concerns and see if you and he are a good match for your therapy needs. There is no charge for the initial 30-minute telephone consultation. You may learn more about him at: .



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