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Masters in Counselling Psychology

Chartered Accountant

Toronto, Ontario

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Robin Long has completed her Masters in Counselling Psychology and has over 15 years of experience working with individual who have struggled with dieting and body image concerns. She has counselled individuals, run various types of support and psycho-educational groups, extensively written, lectured and published on the topic. She has a new book out titled, “The Laws of Gravity – Chronic Dieter’s Edition”.

In addition to her counselling degree, Robin is also a chartered accountant with over 15 years business experience. Her business experience along with her counselling background has allowed her to specialize in testing and assessment, vocational testing and coaching. She works extensively with organizations to ensure that candidates for employment are a good corporate fit prior to hiring. She has worked with individuals in senior level management roles to assist them in creating and executing a developmental plan.

As a vocational counseller, Robin works closely with individuals to help them decide what career path to follow. Testing involves looking at an individual’s personality, interests, values, skills, and past work history. Clients are also given the opportunity to learn about and practice career information interviews, networking strategies and job interview skills. They may also be assisted in dealing with job stress, difficult work situations, and any personal issues that may affect their work experiences.

Robin follows a Rogerian, client-centered approach to counselling: a safe atmosphere of genuineness, unconditional positive regard and empathy is provided. Under these conditions, clients can thrive, feel safe and issues are free to arise. The client dictates the pace. The process is centered around client needs.

Robin’s private practice allows her to assist others who are dealing with:

Eating, dieting, body image concerns

Vocational counselling

Corporate Assessment


Cognitive Therapy

Financial Counselling

Excerpts from “The Laws of Gravity – Chronic Dieter’s Edition” and “The Laws of Gravity – for Senior Executive” and “The Universal Laws of Gravity” may be viewed on her website:

In the area of marriage and family, Robin works with couples to:

Understand the fundamental dynamics that occur in relationships

Learn how not to take your partner for granted

Learn how to ask for what you need from your partner

Understand what you both can do differently to assist in strengthening the relationship

Understand fundamental parenting principles

Identify methods to work together on a united front while raising your children

Excerpts from The Laws of Gravity – for Relationships and The Laws of Gravity – Parental Guidance may be viewed on her website:

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