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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 29 Ravenscroft Drive, Suite 103, Asheville, North Carolina, 28801
  • Phone: 310-930-5876
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I am a Marriage and Family therapist (LMFT), licensed in both North Carolina and California. I am
also a Certified Professional Coach (CPC).

My practice specializes in helping adults reconnect, listen to, and accept themselves so that they can
live empowered and vital lives.

Why did I become a therapist?
Before I was a therapist, I was a client.
We’ve been asked to “pay attention” so many times in our lives. From an early age, we've heard that
message from parents, teachers, partners.  But what they're usually asking us to focus on is something or
someone outside of ourselves.
When I started therapy many years ago, I had to sit with myself, and it wasn't always easy. I had
become really, really good at focusing on and attending to other people, yet I was lost to myself. I had
to learn to prioritize self-awareness as a powerful resource. I had to stop demanding others change. I had
to take ownership of how unkind I was to myself.
What do people usually see me for in therapy?
People are in pain. Stuck. Feeling powerless and ungrounded.
- "I want to come from my heart, but I'm stuck in my head.”

- "I get overwhelmed over the smallest things."

- "I feel like a failure all of the time."

- "If people really knew who I was, they wouldn't love me."

- "I had a normal childhood, so why do I feel so bad?”

- "I feel like I'm living by someone else's rules."  
Sometimes people struggle with the decision to see a therapist. They feel that to ask for help means that
they’re weak. 
Fact is, I’ve never met a “weak” person—only a person who doesn’t yet recognize their strengths.  
How do I work with clients?
I’m a relationship therapist, so I’ve found that a good place to start with people is in helping them
explore their relationship with themselves.

Are you often in angry judgment at others?  How do you judge yourself?
Have you been accused of being “controlling”?   What are you afraid to let go of?
Do you live in fear of others’ disapproval?   What do you find unacceptable in yourself?
A therapist can hold up a mirror to a client until he/she is ready to hold it on their own—not with
judgment, but with self-compassion.  Therapy can be a beautiful process of allowing vulnerability
and transparency to infuse our relationships with ourselves and others. It’s a learned practice. I support
people in this practice.
How do you know I can help you?
I get it.
It's hard to trust an online stranger. That's why I offer a free phone or in-person 50-minute consultation
so that you can ask me any questions that will help you in making the right decision.  


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