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  • Registered Clinical and Relationship Counsellor
  • 200-569 Academy Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3N 0E4
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  • Session Fees: Individual Counselling $94.50/hour Relationship Counselling $105.00/hour

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Since 2007, I have been counselling individuals, couples, families, and therapy groups as a Masters-trained therapist. I am passionate about helping people have preferred relationships with themselves and others utilizing the following modalities:
Narrative Therapy - Uncovers how the unwanted identity and story is impacting your life and then challenges the client to esteem alternate truths about them that is evident in past action and supported by others.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - CBT is a therapy process of identifying unhelpful patterns of thinking and challenging these beliefs by recognizing their impact and unreal expectations on the self.
Coherence Therapy (Direct Oriented Brief Therapy) - CT is a therapy process that is insight-based, not only identifying these unreal beliefs, but also the reasons why we are committed to holding onto them.
Collaborative Couples Therapy - Two major contributions of CCT is the recognition that the intensity of arguments comes from not speaking your truth to your partner and that communication needs to have an admitting posture in order to fair better in conflict-prone topics.
Gottman Couples Therapy Method - Gottman's dual focus on enhancing the couple friendship and their ability to repair gridlocked conflicts makes this perspective my choice.
Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) - Conflict can disrupt you/your partner's belief you can go to them and have them care about your needs for affection understanding, and/or repair. This perspective offers communication and awareness strategies to help the couple communicate what they really need from the other.
Internal Family Systems Therapy - There is more to us than one "self". Have you ever had the feeling of "being torn?"This perspective identifies active parts of ourselves and seeks to help these sometimes conflicting parts get their needs met.
Contextual Family Therapy - Ethical treatment or respect for all members of a family is the foundation for love to flourish. This perspective invites family to consider improving the family structure, capacity to repair, and overall respect for self and others.
Each one of these modalities was carefully chosen to aid clients in making their relationships with oneself and others a place of trust, compassion, and respect. The outcome of such a process is the creation or returning you to a lasting connection and deep intimacy/appreciation with yourself and others. Clients who come to see me find my services valuable in addressing the following concerns:
Depression Anxiety Anger/Resentment Trauma Abuse Grief/Loss Divorce Prevention Affair/Abuse Recovery Domestic ViolenceIntimacy/Communication Blended Family Issues
For those of you looking to offset the cost of therapy by making use of your company benefits, you will be relieved to know that I am a service provider and in good standing with several EAP benefit providers. They are:
Therapy groups are not only a powerful way to learn, practice, and get feedback on how we come across to others; these groups can amplify what we take away from the experience both in our relationships with ourselves and others. I have, thus, developed and facilitate group therapy programs for the following counselling concerns:
Anger Management - Since 2007 I have worked with court/employer/spouse-mandated clients addressing their anger management needs. Whether individually or in a small group, I deliver a 6-8 session anger management program that is flexible and can be tailored to your needs. There will be a manual and presentation provided to augment your learning experience. Resentment Release - Holding
onto resentment is exhausting and it has the power to shape how we show
up in all areas of our life! This course will offer insight and
strategies to shift your focus from your painful past to what you want
to create for yourself and your relationships in the present/future! This will occur over 6 sessions in an individual or group format. There will be a manual and presentation provided to augment your learning experience.Domestic Violence Offender Therapy - This domestic violence program is based
upon an accredited abuse prevention program in two provinces. The
program identifies an offender's experience of shame and resistance to
take responsibility as diverging from their core values and how they
prefer to be in relationships. This program seeks to aid men in
identifying ways how to express these values and take responsibility for
their abusive actions to support safety in their relationships.
The course of therapy is 6 sessions.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: There may be additional sessions required (up to 12
sessions) based upon the severity and frequency of offence(s), legal
recommendation(s), and/or the assessment of the client in the first
session.My passion for the work of therapy comes from the core belief that each person has a preferred way to relate to those who they get their emotional needs from. It is a distinct privilege of mine to help my clients navigate through intense emotional truths in a straightforward and sensitive way to help them express the care they have for those that matter to them.

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