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  • Clinical Psychologist; Hypnotherapist; Org. Psych.
  • Comstock Ave, Los Angeles, California, 90024
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Dr. Lami's Specialization  
Throughout the years, Dr Lami's specialization has fallen into the following:   

  • Marriage and Pre Marriage counseling
  • Life Coaching (Entrepreneurs, Executives, Professionals)
  • Psychological Evaluation for Immigration
  • Career and Work Issues
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Life Transitions
  • Immigration Challenges
  • Anxiety, Depression and Self-esteem
  • Success and Personal Growth
  • Providing Speaking Engagements and Workshops

I have always been fascinated with the mind and how it affects people's well-being and their relationship with themselves, others, success, money and achievements. This is why I became a psychologist almost 20 years ago. It is my passion to help people understand how they think, feel or behave so that they are able to change their current mindset and see things in a way that will enable them to achieve their personal and professional dreams and goals. I specialize in helping my clients know themselves better and guiding them to find solutions to problems with clarity and ease. This is probably why some of my clients call me 'The Heart and Mind Ninja' (a term that I admit I love!). 

Dr. Lami's Approach
I believe that growth and change are an integral part of human life, no matter where we come from. Our responsibility is to embrace it and focus on who we wish to be, and where we want to go. I like using a direct approach (when appropriate) to help couples and individuals resolve their problems, which allows us to get to the 'heart of the matter' fast. I know that therapy doesn't have to take forever, it is achieved by openness and trust between us as, well as my ability to see beyond the surface. My clients share that they feel safe and comfortable to talk about anything and everything and that they see dramatic improvements within just a few visits. 

My mission is to reach as many people as possible with this powerful message of personal empowerment through self-awareness. I look forward to helping you manifest your dreams and goals.

Dr. Lami's Experience
I have a B.A. degree in Psychology, a M.Sc. in Industrial Psychology and a Doctorate in Psychology. In the UK, I am a licensed Chartered Psychologist and a member of the British Psychological Society a Licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist and a member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy. In the US, I am a registered member of the Californian Board of Psychology and a member of APA (American Psychological Association).

I have had the pleasure of speaking in various forums around the world as well as appearing on national and international TV and have written for all kinds of newspapers and magazines. CNN, BBC, Forbes, Financial Times, The Sunday Times, New Statesman, The Sunday Business and The Guardian have all featured my work, and my Psychology of Affluenza and Wealth strategies have been published in various online and print journals and magazines worldwide.

I have also worked with various organizations using the process I developed, which examines the connection between Emotional Intelligence and improved performance, and it continues to generate amazing results to this day.


Office Visits and Phone/Skype Consultations 
Dr. Lami sees clients in her home office and is also available as a private consultant and professional life coach both nationally and internationally via phone or Skype.
Visits' Length

Dr. Lami's sessions are usually between one and two hours. On some occasions, sessions can last longer (up to 4 - 6 hours) depending on the client and situation. For some couples and individuals, Dr. Lami will provide her 2-hour intensive sessions to help them move faster and achieve quicker results. 

Please visit for more information or call 323.244.9310 for a free 10-15 minute phone consultation. 

Written Works by Roni(t) Meshie Mai Lami

Understanding the Concept of Coaching in the area of Wealth Management
Personal Development: Contemporary Relevance
Honoring the Emotional Self During Time of Loss and Grief
Affluenza Cocktail: Power, Money and Gender
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