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Hello, my name is Ross Thompson, MA, LMFT.

I have been committed to working with adults that are affected by many different symptoms from depression, divorce, anxiety, pre-marital issues, trauma and co-dependency, among others, since 2006.  Whether you come in by yourself or with a spouse/partner, I will work with you to promote self-growth and find resolutions that you want.  I maintain an open mind that it is your life, you are the expert in figuring out what directions and choices you make and I am a supporter and guide in the process.  Everyone in therapy can benefit, as I have found that changes originating from you are more acted upon due to fitting within your own comfort levels. I can provide advice and suggestions when needed or asked for education or to provide possible avenues of change.  My belief in therapy is that the outcome is not only goal completion, but also the ability to create and resolve your own goals in the future.  I use a variety of therapy techniques including, CBT, Collaborative and Narrative, and try to fit my style with what can work best for you.

I also provide Neurofeedback services to help change underlying brain functions that are causing or influencing the issues you may be having. The underlying causes of issues in your lives may not just be concerning the present, but how your brain has developed and/or been influenced by past events. By modifying unhealthy brainwaves to become healthy or more flexible, you will find alleviation of symptoms and/or new ways of perceiving in order to create lasting positive changes.  As talk therapy can be a slower process, Neurofeedback can provide a more direct means of helping your brain regulate itself.

Each session costs $100, though may be lower due to financial restraints, each session is also 50 minutes.  I accept BCBS at this time for those that wish to use insurnace.  My availability is current in the evenings Tuesday and Thursday.  

I have a Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy, with a Marriage and Family doctoral education that includes neurology in relation to mental health to utilize Neurofeedback and have BCIA certification for neurofeedback.  I have been practicing since 2006 as a student, and professionally since 2009.
Reaching my office is easy, as it is close to a bus stop, near I-10 at Wurzbach and Gardendale, behind the Golden Wok at 4230 Gardendale Ste 502.  There is an available wheelchair ramp and there is only 1 floor.
Please contact me at 210-593-8774.  I look forward to meeting and providing my services for you.

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