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I work with clients who are facing a wide range of personal and interpersonal problems that are creating friction and functional problems in their lives. These problems are primarily existential in nature including living with the feeling that something is just not quite right in one's life, that one is not living to ones fullest potential, and identity issues (including spiritual, sexual, and vocational identity). Invariably, these problems arise as a result of loss and disillusionment, whether it be through heartbreak, the loss of a loved one through death or divorce, and feelings of isolation or not being understood.


My clients include individuals, couples, families of all ages including childhood, adolescence, those in their 20’s and 30’s, mid-life, and seniors. Each of these life phases present unique developmental challenges.  I have considerable experience working with trauma victims, including those suffering from the psychic wounds of sexual, physical and emotional abuse. I work comfortably and compassionately with victims of crime and domestic violence.


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In individual psychotherapy I work with people facing a number of life’s problems, as well as those who seek to understand themselves better and to became the whole person they are truly meant to be. 


For children and adolescents these issues may include bullying, self-esteem, developmental trauma, problems with concentration and attention, dysregulation, difficulty in getting along with themselves and others, oppositional defiance, school motivation, depression, anxiety, and anger.


Those in their 20’s and 30’s often come to me seeking help with relationships, career issues, marriage, parenting and grief.  This is the time of life when we are claiming our stake in the world, establishing careers, and raising children. All of these areas present unique challenges that present opportunities for personal growth but can also be stressful and anxiety producing.


Many of my client’s come to me in mid-life (approximately between the ages of 40 and 60). Having completed establishing a career and raising a family, they are faced with making meaning out of the second half of life.  Those in their sixties and beyond come facing the issues of grief, loss, and end of life issues. I enjoy working with the elderly and their families, and am available to make weekly in-home visits for those unable to drive to my office.


Couples and Families


I work with couples and families from a systems based theoretical approach. Rather than focusing on one family person who may perceived to be the “identified patient”, systems therapy treats the couple and/or family as the client. My client’s and I collaboratively explore how multigenerational patterns of familial interaction are being played out in current marital/family dynamics and identify how emotional triangles, sibling position, and societal pressures are impacting the family system. With the understanding gained of how the marital/family system is influenced by these and other factors, my clients become empowered to be flexible and act wisely, even in the face of anxiety.


Jungian Analysis


For those coming to psychotherapy for personal growth and development I approach psychotherapy from the tradition of Jungian Analysis.  Healing and growth occurs as the analyst and client together enter into dialogue with the unconscious via dream analysis, active imagination, mindfulness, journaling, and bodywork in a gentle, non-judgmental, client centered therapeutic field. Analysis is particularly rewarding for those looking to make sense of life’s struggles and sufferings.


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