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  • Clinical Psychologist
  • 3400 Bissonnet St #270, Houston, Texas, 77005
  • Phone: 832-542-6244
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  • Session Fees: $175/ 50 minutes, $225/ 80 minutes
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Webcam

Life Does Not Have to Be a Struggle:     
I am clinical psychologist and emotionally-focused couples therapist who has the knowledge and expertise to help you live a life where you feel more at peace with yourself and better able to navigate life's challenges.

You Are Not Alone:  
We all struggle with life's demands, whether it be a demanding job, difficult family relationships, miscommunications with our romantic partner, or general fears and inadequacies about ourselves. Taking the step to work on ourselves in therapy might just be one of the best investments you will ever make. Everything else loses meaning unless we feel at peace with who we are and effective in our relationships with others.

How I Can Help: 
I help you understand and confront the deeper emotional issues that are getting you stuck in life. Rather than offering you quick fixes or band aid solutions, I help you have a genuine and compassionate experience of your innermost longings, needs, feelings, and thoughts, so you can be your authentic self and transform your life from within.

What to Expect: 
You will get to understand your problems in an entirely new way, feel new feelings, and access new resources and potentials, and will have an experience of growing as a human being in ways you could not have imagined before. Whether you feel lonely, fragile, empty, inadequate, overwhelmed, worried, scared, sad, or depressed, I can help you transform how you feel about yourself and get you unstuck from a life that feels stagnant or out of control.

I am an Experienced Therapist: 
I have many years of experience working with people's negative or unpleasant emotions and helping them transform them so they don't have to get stuck in them or fight a constant battle to keep them at bay. And as both a psychologist and a certified couples therapist, I can help you both with your individual concerns as well as with your relationship issues.

Get Therapy for Your Relationship Issues or Your Individual Concerns: 
If you are looking for couples therapy because you and your partner often feel disconnected or often get into stressful arguments, I can help you restore a stronger connection and communicate in ways that make both of you feel more seen and understood by each other.

Schedule an Evening or Weekend Appointment Online: 
To help make therapy more convenient for busy professionals, I offer evening and weekend appointments and easy online scheduling. I am also able to do video-conference sessions so you don't even have to leave your home.

Visit my Website for More Information: 
If you would like to know more about me, please visit my website or Here you can read my therapy blogs, schedule your appointment on-line, or learn more about me.

About Me:
I am a Licensed Psychologist and the owner of Better Therapy PLLC, a therapy practice where I help people live more fulfilling lives.

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