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  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • 8500 N Mopac Suite 701, Austin, Texas, 78759
  • Phone: 512-731-1395
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  • Session Fees: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare, Cigna, Humana and Tricare, ComPsych, and Medicaid accepted. Sliding Scale available for those paying out of pocket. 1 hour session - $140, 1.5 hour session - $160, Group Session - $50.

Each person experiences life differently and sometimes we need some support or help sorting through our life. Anything can be a reason to go to counseling, good or bad and counseling can bring peace, balance, healing, and growth, among other things.  It can be hard to make the decision to talk to someone, but this is a great step in that direction!  Let me know how I can help. 
The counseling process is powerful and can include tears and introspection but also laughter and joy.  Relieving yourself from what is weighing you down can be so freeing.  We all deserve to feel healthy and whole.  We all deserve to feel uninhibited and free from anything that holds us down or holds us back.  Through counseling, you can find greater self expression and personal happiness.  When you release old ways, outdated thoughts or just remember that you are good and unbroken, it can an empowering way to live!  
I chose this profession to be helpful to others and I believe in the work we do to reach healing, understanding, growth and balance.  As a result of my passion for counseling, I have worked hard to gain the experience to help and I'm happy to talk to you about what you need and how I can help.  
Training and Education
My passion for helping people began when I was young and when I finally started working in the counseling field, I knew it was my calling and have loved it since then!  I earned my Bachelors degree in Family and Child Development and my Master's degree in Marriage, Couples and Family Counseling and became a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).  Throughout my work experience I have had the opportunity to work with many different kinds of clients and have seen the benefits of the therapeutic counseling relationship work time and time again, only increasing my love of the profession.  I have worked with victims of sexual assault and abuse, family violence, homicide, suicide, grief and loss, law enforcement and military, disaster survivors, gay and lesbian issues, transgender clients, trauma survivors, and many other people dealing with a variety of personal and unique issues.  I have experience with individuals, couples, families and groups and find each form of counseling to be helpful in different ways for each client.  Since we are each unique, it is like putting your personal puzzle together to see what is best for you.  
Therapeutic Approach 
Beyond my training and education, I believe that you deserve a comfortable, supportive, caring, and confidential counseling environment.  I work hard to assure my practice is all of those things for you.  It is my job to support you, help you feel safe and assist you in reaching your unique and personal counseling goals.  Counseling is a form of healing and growth that proves successful for many people every day.  Through specific techniques and forms of counseling, you can reduce trauma, ease grief, relieve depression, step out of crisis, gain personal growth, heal pain, and so much more.  I'm lucky to get to see these changes every day!  Being present with you while listening to and hearing you is key. Have you heard the saying, "Can't see the forest for the trees"?  It means that someone may not see the big picture because they are too involved in the details.  I have the benefit of hearing you and, with you, piecing the big picture together, shedding light on issues, problems, successes, accomplishments, stuck places, imposed beliefs, and so much more.  Additionally, our head and heart may not always agree and one may get in the way of the other when making decisions or addressing personal issues.  Have you ever known in your mind that the decision you are making is wrong, but your heart says, "Go for it!"?  Or your mind feels something is right, but your heart is stuck in an old pattern or fear telling you it is wrong?  This can all be very confusing and in counseling we can unravel the confusion and help bring clarity and understanding.  I can't do it alone, but together we can accomplish so much!
Counseling takes work on the part of the client and the therapist and each person has a unique journey and outcome in counseling.  I hope I can be there for you through your journey.  When you are ready, contact me to start your journey toward healing, growth, and flourishing.  I look forward to meeting you!
My office is in North Austin around 183 and Mopac and is easily reached from Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Kyle, Buda, San Marcos, and other surrounding areas.  
I currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Tricare, Humana and Medicaid Insurances for my clients and I am in the process of applying to more insurance panels!   I also offer a sliding scale for those who pay out of pocket. 

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