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  • Registered Clinical Social Worker
  • 1735 4th Ave., W., Suite 18A, Owen Sound, Ontario, N4K 4X7
  • Phone: 519-375-5056
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  • Session Fees: Social work services are often covered by employee benefits. Check my website for details.

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Couple Assessment & online CheckUp

Sometimes an incident or circumstance can begin a spiral of distress which may ultimately lead to a crisis.  The opposite is true as well; One small but effective action be-gets another helpful behaviour.  I enjoy helping you observe these unique and creative strategies that will help you return to a feeling of wellness and confidence - sometimes in just a few sessions. I want people not only to know how they regained health but feel confident that they can continue to do so well past our work together. 
For couples who are distressed or just wanting to understand how to have a better relationship, I encourage you to properly assess your relationship. Even loving couples have some bad behaviours that can gradually erode their bond. Now, there is great research available to help us understand how relationships work.  Take the online Gottman "Relationship Check UP" as part of your assessment or simply learn the strategies that happy couples do to have constructive conflict and build intimacy. 
Some groups are available from time to time and help individuals and couples extend and deepen their learning.  These include: "7 Principles for Making Marriage Work" (for couples only), "Rebuilding - After Your Relationship Ends" and "Growing Solutions - setting goals and getting there". 

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