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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • The OC Building, 11983 Tamiami Trail, N., Naples, FL 34110, Naples, Florida, 34110
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   I bring with me +30 years of  experience as a clinician.  My Masters degrees are from: Assumption College, Worcester, MA,  Master of Arts in Psychology & Counseling/ and Boston University School of Social Work, Boston, MA, an MSW in Clinical Social Work.
   I have worked in a psychiatric hospital, been the clinical director of a residence for disturbed adolescents, worked in both group and individual private practice, co-ordinated group therapy sessions for women with financial challenges, assessed children at risk for the Massachusetts Dept. of Child Services, served as a liaison with medical and legal entities.
   I received certification in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Worcester, MA Pastoral Counseling Center.
Additional specialized training was completed with Behavior Associates, a private group practice in Boston, MA that specialized in a Cognitive Behavioral approach.  I was in the specialized division of Eating Disorders.
   This is the 11th year I have written a monthly newsletter that is sent to approximately 500 individuals.  The archive can be found on my website,
   On the personal front, I have been very happily married for 20 years to my husband, Harry.  Before that, I was married and divorced after 15 years.  I have 3 adult children from my first marriage.  2 step sons have been part of my family since my present marriage.  
   We have 6 grandchildren.  One of our grandchildren, who is 19, has lived with us for +3 years.  He has autism. This young man's mother died 6 years ago from cancer and when his father remarried it was determined that he would be happier living with us.  It has been quite a learning experience for all of us.  Happily, we have seen our grandson blossom after we found an extraordinary public school for him.  We are dedicated to helping him to live and work independently.  Great progress has been made and he will stay with us until he is ready to spread his wings.
   We, until recently, had 4 dogs.  Our sweet Violet (a pekingese), who suffered horrible physical abuse, came to us 6 years ago.  She went over to the Rainbow Bridge earlier this month (March, 2015). We still have Casper (a pekingese), whom we rescued, who is now +15, and 2 other dogs, Babe (a shih tzu) and Ruby(pekingese).  Thankfully, neither Ruby or Babe have ever had an unhappy day in their lives.
   I have a profound understanding of cancer.  I am now a 19 year survivor of breast cancer.  My daughter-in-law, died from non-Hodgkins lymphoma 6 years ago.  Harry and I were hands-on in caring for her and her 2 children. And, Harry was diagnosed with stage 4A throat, tongue & tonsil cancer 4 years ago.  Although he will never be able to eat again, his positive nature and enthusiasm for life have been a real education for me.  He inspires me on a daily basis.
   I am very fortunate in that I love my work.  It is a privilege to be welcomed into the lives of individuals who come to see me.  To be allowed to rejoice in the successes and provide comfort in the disappointments that they bring to me is meaningful beyond words.
   I believe we can be positive in every stage of life and through every obstacle that we encounter.  I have a deep belief in the strength of the human spirit and know that out of the ashes it is possible to rebuild on a higher level.  I have seen this occur many times.  It is my goal to continue this work for the rest of my life. 

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