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What follows is some brief information about myself and my practice, which I hope is informative.
I have been passionate about my work with my clients for the past decade. With over 10-years of rigorous training (psychology & mindfulness-based psychotherapy), I am comfortable working with most areas of enquiry and difficulty. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology, as well as a Masters degree in Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy, which I completed through Middlesex University/Karuna Institute (UK).
I offer a safe, respectful, compassionate space for individuals to work at their own pace in their personal enquiry.  I understand how vulnerable we can feel bringing ourselves into any relationship.  That's why we give the therapeutic relationship whatever time it needs to develop that all important sense of trust. In my experience, this time spent regularly within the warm and understanding relational contex of therapy, just might be one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.
It can feel a little daunting attempting to find therapeutic support that suits our particular needs. For this reason, I offer a free (no obligation) initial session so that we can meet and simply find out more about what each of us might bring to a working relationship. Since completing my post-graduate training in mindfulness-based psychotherapy in England, I have enjoyed working with a wide variety of individuals - each with his/her own unique story. It has been my consistent experience during this 8-years of practice that, when we take the time to listen deeply to our experience as it presents itself, we can reconnect with and be guided by our deeper health and intelligence. This naturally includes giving space and listening to both our pleasant feelings, thoughts and experiences, as well as those that we usually turn away from. Quite often, this is hard to do on our own.
Personally, I have benefitted greatly from investing time in therapy.  Having travelled about the globe (27-years), completed degrees, married and parented two wonderful children, I feel I've had my share of blessings and life challenges to learn and grow with. At times, my trusted therapeutic relationship has been a true gift of support and understanding.  We're all relational beings and in my experience, we do our best work together.
If you wish to find out more about my practice here on the North Shore, please feel free to visit my website at:
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