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Are you feeling unmotivated? Do you feel drained? Like you can't even gather the energy to do the things that used to make you happy? Are you laying awake at night wishing for something more?

I can help. I can help you live a life of meaning. I can help you find peace of mind. I can help you feel better about you. I see so many people who have fallen into a cycle of feeling badly, feeling discouraged, reacting unfavorably to their anxiety or depression (or doing nothing about it at all), and then feeling worse. You have to start somewhere, but how? Seeing a counselor is a wonderful way to find guidance in finding yourself again.
Do you dread looking in the mirror each morning? Do you have difficulty sharing yourself with others? Do you carry around shame about the things you've done or who you have become? Do you find yourself isolated in life or hiding from events that you know would benefit you if you could just be happy with who you are? 
I am trained in Health Psychology and I am an expert in mind and body wellness. I teach people how to be kind to themselves and prioritize the things that are important to them. My clients often come to me feeling out of control in life and in their health. I have helped many people who suffer from physical pain or discomfort as a result of their anxiety or unhealthy coping skills. I have a passion for teaching people how to accept and love themselves and then commit their lives to the values they hold so dearly.
I have a genuine heart and an open mind. I am honest and transparent with my clients and I easily find empathy and understanding in any situation. In treatment, I work from Cognitive Behavioral and Acceptance and Commitment perspectives, but look at life through a general lens of Adlerian Philosophy. I have a compassionate demeanor and great strength in maintaining presence with my clients. I meet each person exactly where they are in their health, and journey with them as we learn to keep balance through life's many quakes of varying destruction.  
If you want to find self acceptance, control, and peace, if you have goals to meet or want something more out of life, if you're struggling to even identify what it is you want, call me. I can help. Together we can discover a life that you will love. 

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