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  • Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
  • 2171 Union Street #6, San Francisco, California, 94123
  • Phone: 415-990-1289
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  • Session Fees: My fee is $160 for a single 50 minute session and $240 for a 75 minute session
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I am a Therapist with over 15 Years of Experience Helping People Have Better Relationships with Themselves and Others.

I specialize in healing the relationship with the self, which ultimately leads to greater confidence, inner strength, deeper trust, and capacity so that you can show up for yourself and as a partner in a relationship. When a person has a healthy relationship with the self, naturally he or she will have healthy relationships with others.

Most often, the difficulties what arise in relationships come from unhealthy coping strategies and unskillful patterns and communication that stem from unprocessed hurt from the past and/or unhealthy family dynamics. I help people bring attention to these patterns and learn new healthy ones so that they can have better relationships.

By developing awareness you can work through past hurts and learn to be more present rather than reactive.  Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand and manage one's own feelings and emotions.

I work with:

Relationships and Dating - and what comes up around that. 

Intimacy Issues and Attachment - what gets in the way of having a good relationship or being open to a relationship? Let's find out and work through it.

Trauma & PTSD and the effects of these on a person and their relationship.  I specialize in EMDR a tool to help people process trauma.  Used with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, it is a very effective way of healing trauma.

Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks - are often related to a person turning away from discomfort or difficult feelings while at the same time engaging in narratives about the self that cause the person to feel badly.  I will teach you how to give space to feelings and learn mind-training techniques that will reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Life Transitions - Going through something?  Need support?  I can help you find the internal clarity to show up and meet your challenges.

Grief and Loss - Losing someone close is tough.  I've been there. I can support you through your grief.

Do you have negative beliefs that keep you doubting yourself, that cause you to act in ways that cause harm to yourself or others and/or are inappropriate and/or prevent you from taking action or inhibit you from living the life you want?

Do you have patterns of coping that cause problems in relationships or in working effectively?
Do you have habits that leave you feeling unhappy?

There are a number of reasons why a person may choose to seek therapy. Whether it’s to develop greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence, find clarity and be happier. Or to change behavior or patterns that get in the way of living your life fully. Or the desire to work through unresolved trauma, PTSD or hurt that needs healing. I’m here to help you feel better.

I’m a very directive and engaged therapist. I don't just sit there and nod my head. I use guidance and practices that will help you deepen into your experience, get into the here and now and connect with yourself while developing awareness, increasing your emotional intelligence and healing past hurts. I will also challenge you. Sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zone and learn to choose differently to create the changes we want. When you connect with yourself in this way, transformation happens.

About Sandra Amat, MFT

I started as a relationship therapist. After years of observing individuals and couples I realized that the issues that people engage in are directly related to what they observed in their parent dynamics or from how they were treated as children or from traumas they've had in the past.  These past situations inform the way a person responds to the present moment.  This is why I chose to incorporate trauma work into my practice.  If we don't heal the trauma, we can't change the behavior.  

I earned my Masters Degree in clinical psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies. I am licensed in California as a Marriage Family Therapist (MFT #41004). I practice Client-Centered Psychotherapy with emphasis in the Gestalt Therapy, Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, Somatic exercises, Mindfulness practices and the Enneagram. I use EMDR, an effective treatment for healing trauma and working with PTSD. I also provide Emotional Support Animal documentation for people who need an Emotional Support Animal as part of their treatment plan.

Please call or email me if you want to find out more about how I work, or to schedule an appointment.


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