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  • Registered Psychotherapist
  • 2948 Baseline Rd, Suite #206, Ottawa, Ontario, K2H 8T5
  • Phone: 613-277-3925
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  • Session Fees: Fees are fully or partially covered by most insurance providers including Sunlife. I'm also a Registered Provider with Blue Cross.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Webcam

Sandra works at providing you with a safe environment where you can share your past and/or present concerns. Treating each person as an individual by listening to you. Whether you are younger or older, single or married you have a story. By sharing your story, she will help you explore where you came from, where you are now and where you want to go.

She is informed by and uses the following: Emotion Focused (EFT), Brainspotting (BSP), Cognitive Behaviour (CBT) and Family Systems (FST).

With divorce rates being higher than anyone would like them to be, Sandra works to help you individually or as a couple explore your relationship:
If you are married and having difficulties in your relationship and are considering divorce but, not 100% ready to end the marriage, it may not be too late to fight for the marriage;
If you are engaged or considering becoming engaged and would like to learn how you can maintain a healthy relationship, she will help you identify areas of your relationship that may need strengthening;
If you are dating and unsure of the relationship, you can get help to explore yourself and your relationship.

You may want to come in to discuss things you may be struggling with such as:
childhood issues
personal crisis
suicidal thoughts
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When you feel you don't have an unbiased person to talk to, OR you have been doing the same thing with little to no change, it may be time to ask for help. 

"I work very hard at listening to the underlying message(s) you may be unable to say and helping you to identify what your goals are for therapy and your life."

She is accepted by most insurance companies including Sunlife and is a Registered Provider with Blue Cross.

Contact Sandra at:  OR   613-277-3925

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