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I have been practicing therapy for nearly 20 years and have found that helping others to realize their dreams and make them happen to be incredibly rewarding.  I have been a resident of Pennsylvania for many years and have lived in the suburbs of Philadelphia for quite some time.  Since I graduated from Bryn Mawr College with my Masters in Social Service, I have continued to learn the most effective ways to help people heal from pain and live a life worth living! I like to use a teamwork approach and I value the thoughts, ideas and insights I get from my clients during our sessions.  
Each person is unique and there are many different approaches and styles of therapy that can be used.I offer therapy for families who want to learn to communicate more effectively and learn to resolve conflict.  I also provide mobile therapy for individuals unable to attend office visits due to medical complications.  I truly enjoy leading group therapy and see the value that others receive from being a part.  Various groups that I have run have dealt with issues such as social phobia, anger management and mindfulness just to name a few.   Stay tuned for upcoming groups!!


Does it seem like you have often anxious for no apparent reason?  Do you sometimes feel nervous in social situations or have panic attacks and don’t know why?  Social anxiety affects millions of Americans and so many people believe that everyone else is more at ease in social situations.  There are some very successful techniques I have used that can help you become more relaxed and stop anxiety from being a hindrance in social situations.


 Sometimes specific thought patterns or repetitive rituals, (such as excessive handwashing) will develop making life difficult to manage every single day.  Having obsessive compulsive disorder, (or OCD) is a reality for many people. Fortunately, there are types of therapy practices I use which are very effective in decreasing obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors and can often prevent these symptoms from reoccurring in the future.

Sometimes life can just be so overwhelming that finding the motivation and energy to function seem impossible. Do you find yourself feeling sad and no longer able to enjoy what you used to?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you are not alone!! Experiencing depression is more common than you might realize.  In the fast paced world of today most people find it difficult to find balance in their lives.  Therapy has been effective for many people and by becoming aware of how depression is affecting you specifically, we can begin to work on the best ways to alleviate your symptoms and begin to enjoy life again!!


Have you recently lost someone or something and believe that you should be ‘over it’ by now?  Does is seem like friends or family facing the same loss have moved on with their lives  and can’t understand why you haven’t too?  Grief and loss are also a part of life but sometimes a major loss such as a death of a family member or loss of a job can make you feel like life will never be the same again. The truth is that everyone grieves differently and help is available so that steps can be identified to begin to accept the loss and move on to a new life.


Do you find yourself saying things in the ‘heat of the moment’ to others that you never intended to say?  Does it seem like you often feel guilty about what you know should have said but didn’t?  If it feels like you will never be able to say how you feel without losing patience, therapy can be a great way to learn to express yourself so that others will be more likely to listen. Through therapy, anger can actually become a tool that can bring greater awareness of knowing how to respect the needs of yourself and the needs of others in your life!
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