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  • Marriage and Family Therapist
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Sara Doudna-Klein, LMFT

Time in Practice

      I have been assisting people for over 20 years in overcoming numerous obstacles to living a healthy , balanced and purposeful life.  I am licensed in the state of California as a Marriage and Family Therapist.  I am qualified to treat many conditions and personality problems that contribute to unsatisfactory relationships with others.

Clinical Approach

      Over my years of clinical study and life experience, I have developed an eclectic approach to helping others.  I draw from many psychological concepts and techniques to create a unique treatment plan for each individual, couple or family.  I possess the intuitive ability to deeply understand and connect with people and situations from a broad spectrum of life.  With an attitude of respect, acceptance and nonjudgment, I create an atmosphere of comfort and safety, no matter what the topic of discussion.  

Areas of Expertise


       I have a special interest in helping people in the process of recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol and the effects on their families. I help them repair and develop their spiritual life and their family and work relationships after the devastation of addiction.  I guide them through the healing of childhood trauma to overcome family of origin patterns that have contributed to failed relationships, depression, anxiety and numerous personality problems.  I strongly support the "12 Step" lifestyle as the basis for continued recovery. 


       "On Saturday mornings, on the campus of Chapman University in Orange California, groups of parents and kids meet with a highly skilled team of mental health professionals trained and supervised by Sara Doudna-Klein.  The parents learn skills and develop attitudes that ease the stress of divorce and minimize the effect on children. The Children, through structured activities, learn to cope with the family changes that affect children of divorce and family separation".

Kids First is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the best interest of children of divorce and separation.

         In 1996, "Kids First" was founded by Gerald L. Klein, Family Law Specialist, to help families in divorce.  I have worked with him from the beginning to develop the curriculum and oversee the administrative office.  I train and supervise the clinical staff and continue to update and improve the curriculum

In my private practice, I work with individuals, children, families and step families who are struggling to create a new life for themselves.  I have seen devastating effects of parental conflict on both the parents and the children.  

       I also work with families affected by the heartbreaking effects of a family dysfunction called "Parental Alienation Syndrome".  I help to reunite a parent with their children when they have been alienated through the misguided and detrimental behaviors of the separated parents.

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