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I'm an international speaker, former therapist and expert panelist for Lady Gaga's foundation. I'm also an author of three poetry books and the Founder of Playful Awareness and Wonder Woman Rising, two coaching businesses socializing in compassionate co- parenting and empowering women to embrace their "inner goddess".

My "superpowers" are my ability to have empathy for others, my compassion for their struggle and my creativity and passion for helping my clients create a life worth living.  I offer a spa-like, safe space for children and adults to share their stories, identify goals and believe they can be happy.  


I want you to feel comfortable and cared for during and between your therapy sessions.  If you arrive early for your sessions, you are welcome to have some coffee and make yourself at home in our comfy chairs.  All appointments are scheduled for the convenience of our clients, big and small.


If you are bringing your child, we  will discuss goals and objectives at the first session.  After a few sessions, we will have a feedback session to discuss progress.  Co-parent coaching is also provided to help you and your ex reduce conflict, learn cooperative ways of communicating and reduce any negative impact on your children.  

OVERALL HEALTH: Your physical and spiritual health are also important.  I want to know if you are struggling with any medical or spiritual issues that may affect your emotional well being such as inflammation, allergies, digestion and weight.  

I want to hear your story... to help you create a new hero chapter.  If you knew you could not fail, what would you wish for, hope for or do?  

I look forward to hearing from you!  

Sara Minges, M.S.

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