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I love helping people get where they want to go - whether that is to a place of more personal peace or happiness or to a place of greater family harmony or to a place of greater possibilities. I use holistic interventions that address any blocks to success. Just "talking" is rarely enough to effect deep, transformational and lasting change; there are newer therapies available that can take you to another level. I've made it my business to learn many types of therapeutic interventions because therapy is not a one-size-fits-all sort of business. Different approaches work best with different people and different issues. From Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy to EMDR to EFT to HeartMath to Cognitive-Behavioral approaches and to a multitude of interventions in-between, I'm pretty sure that we'll find a way that will be right for you.

My special interest is in family life. I've written  (look these up on Amazon!)  Raise Your Kids without Raising Your Voice and The Fear Fix: Solutions for Every Child's Moments of Worry, Panic and Fear. The first book offers a skill set that anyone can learn to help remove tension, anger and hurt from family life and to successfully experience loving relationships with each member of the family.  In my counseling practice, I help people deal with issues concerning toddlers, kids, teens, adults and couples, as well as negotiate healthy relationships with extended family members and others. Good parenting and good marriage-ing go together: our kids live and breathe our marriages so we need to make sure that our couple relationships are healthy and caring.  Couples work is a large part of what I do. The Fear Fix addresses my other favorite interest: stress and anxiety. The book helps parents help their kids (or themselves!) through all the normal stresses of life: dealing with school, social and other worries, family stress, fears (of thunderstorms, tests, separation, heights, animals, needles, bugs, robbers and so on), insecurities and all the other frightening and worrisome challenges of daily existence. In my private practice I use a wide range of innovative strategies to help anyone of any age overcome anxious feelings.
I also practice Bach Flower Therapy - a natural, harmless and healthy form of vibrational (water-based) medicine that gently eases away stress or negative emotions (like anger, fear, worry or sadness). Bach Flower Remedies are safe enough for pregnant women and newborn babies! They are a great "first step" in the treatment of inborn and temperamental issues such as bad temper, a tendency to fearfulness or chronic moodiness. They can also help with acute issues such as toilet-training, a significant personal loss, test anxiety, temporary hormonal effects on mood, a major life change or a particular fear. The more the remedy is used to treat a particular problem, the less often that problem will need to be treated - until, over time, the issue may disappear altogether. Every member of the family can use the remedies at one time or another to help them cope better, function better and feel better!
I've been helping people for more than 30 years. I've been married for even longer than that. I have six kids of my own and a good number of grandchildren now as well.
I've learned this: a person can drown in choppy waters when he or she doesn't  know how to swim but there's joy to be had in the same ocean once a person acquires the skill to stay afloat. Therapy can help us live our best life. It's one of the greatest gifts of our time.

And by the way, I'm a registered member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, which means that your private health insurance may cover a portion of the costs of therapy.

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