Sarah Efrosman, MHC-MP

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Choosing to embark on a therapeutic journey with the right therapist can be essential in developing a harmonious, well-balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life. I strive to provide a safe environment of non-judgment, respect, trust, and collaboration for clients. The therapy process is unique for everyone, and I find it essential to meet clients where they are at. I provide a space of openness and honesty, in which I encourage my clients to be their most authentic selves and come face to face with the parts of themselves that may be holding them back from healing and growing.Disconnection from your true self is what I see creates many problem areas in people’s lives: unhealthy relationships, weak interpersonal boundaries, lack of self-esteem, panic, anxiety and fear based decisions and behaviors. I help them repair this separation and come back into alignment with who they always have been deep down.My goal is to provide clients with the space to process their experiences, gain insight into their internal processes and empower them to create the shifts required to improve their quality of life.

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