Sarah Neustadter, PhD

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Dr Sarah is a catalyst for individuals, young adults, creative professionals, artists and seekers to access parts of themselves that have been asleep for a long time. For over a decade she has helped clients experience more freedom, full self expression, connection to their bodies, abundance, play, and ease.
Dr Sarah views the purpose of therapy is to clear and heal traumas and wounds that prevent us from living up to our highest potential and embodying our life purpose and fulfilling our dreams. In order to help clients make significant progress and attain fulfillment and joy in their lives, clients must take high levels of responsibility for themselves and commit to active engagement with the therapy process both in and out of the sessions.
Dr Sarah has expertise in psychodynamic depth-work, grief counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and Spiritual and Transpersonal Psychology.
In addition to traditional clinical work, Dr Sarah includes alternative modalities of healing such as meditation, mindfulness, shamanism, mind-body practices, and the invisible realms of spirit and consciousness. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals. She is mentored by a world renowned Peruvian Shaman.
  Dr Sarah's clinical experience includes working with the severely mentally ill population struggling with disorders such as bipolar and schizophrenia. She has experience with crisis-management and suicide prevention and has trained at the internationally renown Suicide Prevention Center in Los Angeles. Additionally, she's worked in the Los Angeles public school system with at-risk teenagers dealing with all kinds of modern-day adolescent issues.
> Depression
> Anxiety
> Creative empowerment
> Young Adults and life transitions 
> Self-worth and confidence
> Grief and loss
> Heartbreak
> Emotional abuse
> Spiritual development 
> Overcoming procrastination 
It is common for patterns that have been stuck for years to shift. Dr Sarah brings the most effective tools she’s ever come across to her clients. Her unique process yields the fastest results with tangible, immediate changes like:

> Couples on the brink of divorce saving their marriage.
> Moving through grief and learning to connect with your loved one on the other side.
> Clearing depression.
> Healing childhood traumas and abuse.
> Understanding your life purpose or soul-calling.
> Finding love and starting new relationships.
> Value and love yourself wholly.
> Assertiveness. 
> Effective and powerful communication. 
> Clearing the past and creating possibilities for the future. 
> Feeling joy and aliveness. 

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