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     Choosing a therapist is hard work! Therapists have many different specialties and many different approaches. My approach to therapy is to meet every person where they are at. By this I mean that I work with you not above you. I view therapy as you being the expert of you and myself as the mediating tool that can help you achieve the results you desire in order to he a healthier, happier you! 

     I have been in the counseling/mental health industry for over 13 years. I am a licensed professional that opened up my own psychotherapy business and practice with the understanding that all people are deserving of a great life. Whether that means feeling less depressed, less anxious or dealing with past hurts that have impacted daily functioning, you can feel better! My practice,  Beaumont Counseling Services, provides therapy to all people regardless of their life struggle, age, gender identity or personal situation. Let our services inspire you or a loved one to get to a better place in life. Seeking therapy is a very intimidating and scary thing to do. We understand that and will do our very best to offer you the support, education and tools you need to manage whatever comes your way. Some of our clients have said that coming to therapy was "the best thing I did for myself" and "our family has been given a second chance to be happy again". We can offer you something that sometimes it is hard to have for yourself....hope. We want to help you and are excited to work with you. Our motto at Beaumont Counseling Services is....healing hearts to life. Call us today for an appointment.
     Prior to my journey into the mental health field I served in the US Army and proudly served my country. I am pleased to offer services to men and women who have issues specifically related to war trauma, integrating back into society or re-establishing connections with family members or loved ones.
Beaumont Counseling Services offers these specialties:
*Childhood Trauma
*Sexual Trauma
*Military/Veteran Issues
*Family and couples counseling
*Child therapy (ages 3-18)
We also offer workshops on topics of anger management, stress reduction, mindful meditation, anxiety, depression and teen/child issues (bullying, trauma, body image, suicide). If your teen struggles with issues related to any of these topics call our office now to ask about the next workshop date. Our workshop series for adults focuses on managing stress, anxiety and depression and couples enrichment. Call our office to find out when the next workshop or group begins.
***Our office serves veterans and military members who need help filing claims for VA compensation.  Ask us, we can help!

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