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I provide sex therapy and couple/relationship counseling. I am committed to providing an environment of safety, trust, and non-judgement so that issues around sexual abuse/trauma, compulsive sexual behavior, gender identity, sexuality, and intimacy can be explored with openness, compassion, and acceptance. I am drawn to a contemplative approach to psychology because it is oriented around the premise that we are all inherently healthy and able to organize around this intrinsic wellness given the right conditions and support. In addition to my interest in mindfulness-based approaches to working with myself and others, I continue to train in and practice additional modalities, particularly those that integrate the mind and the body.
I invite you to join me for a free (no-pressure/no-obligation) phone consultation to get to know one another, discuss your concerns, and answer any questions you have, so we can get a better understanding of how we could best work together. 

Compulsive Sexual Behavior/Sex Addiction
Learn to build awareness of your capacity to tolerate triggers and the difficult feelings that drive compulsive sexual behavior, in order to identify and address the underlying causes and redefine your relationship to sex. Many mental health professionals view and treat out of control sexual behavior as an "addiction," with sexual behavior being the primary problem. The addiction model is typically based on 12-step programs that focus on refraining from sexual behavior judged inappropriate by the program, rather than cultivating sexual behaviors that support a healthy and unique expression of the individual's sexuality. As an alternative or adjunct to this approach, I work with compulsive sexual behavior/out of control sexual behavior as a potential symptom of some greater underlying cause that, when addressed, can lead to greater fulfillment and closeness in your sexual and intimate relationships.
Couple/Relationship Counseling
Learn how to meet each other with greater openness, understanding, and acceptance through awareness of the body and more effective communication, in order to come together around challenging issues and difficult emotions. I welcome diversity in working with all relationships, whether heterosexual, same-sex, monogamous, polyamorous, open, or anything in between. By employing a psychobiological approach (PACT), we can explore dynamics in the relationship around communication, attachment, and regulation to better understand how the mind and body impact relationship.
Explore issues and challenges around gender identity, sexuality, and intimacy in order to discover what healthy sexual expression is to you, so that it can be a source of nourishment and strength in your life. I celebrate diversity in gender and sexual orientation, as well as all forms of sexual expression, preferences, and fetishes from vanilla to kink and everything in between.
Sexual Abuse/Trauma
Engage past trauma–including sexual abuse, incest, unwanted sexual encounters, etc.–with an approach that includes the body as an essential part of your experience in the process of healing. The impact of trauma–including sexual abuse, incest, unwanted sexual encounters, etc.–can last long after the threat has ended and frequently underlies anxiety, depression, addiction, and other unwanted/compulsive behavior. As a result, addressing the trauma rather than attacking the related symptoms can be a more effective approach. The integration of Contemplative Psychology, Somatic Experiencing (SE), and other modalities provides an opportunity to join the mind and the body in order to heal the wounds and effects of trauma.

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