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I have been a licensed and practicing Psychologist in Los Angeles for over 20 years. My primary focus is in two areas: 1) Child, Adolescent and Family issues, and 2) Adults, especially with relationship issues and dysfunctions. Therapy is a process based upon a relationship between you and me. In this context, you will have a safe and respectful place to work toward improving your life. My goal is to help you with specific unresolved issues or problems to help you to change and redirect your life for the better. 
I combine a supportive therapeutic relationship with understanding and a realistic means of addressing problems and finding solutions. My approach to psychotherapy is very practical and my style is interactive. I integrate an understanding of the past, particularly if there is a history of trauma, to make and implement a plan for addressing the present and the future. 
Throughout my training and career I have always balanced my work with adults with my work with children and adolescents. I have worked with kids in settings such as schools, clinics and hospitals as well as in private practice. 
I work with a variety of adult clients with career-work, relationship and life-transitional issues. Though kindly and empathic, I work very directly and actively with all of my clients. I attempt to provide calm in a storm of emotional 
turbulence with hope and specific plans to help make things better!
A large part of my work is helping kids and their families. Therapy for children and adolescents is a process that relies on a relationship between kids and me. This relationship develops with trust, kindness, openness, and skill. The idea is to help kids grow, change and thrive. I am a father of three children myself. I find being a parent has led me on many illuminating journeys myself, ranging from accompanying one of my son's class to New Orleans to do Hurricane Katrina relief work, to coaching my other son's and daughter's soccer teams. I was a camp counselor for many years, before I was a therapist and a therapist before I was a Dad! I like kids in all shapes and sizes and have worked with kids, as it seems, for all of my life.
My job as a Child/Adolescent therapist, is to help kids (and parents) to understand what kids say and do and to make sense out of it.Parents need to be involved as they can...conjoint sessions (with the child) and parent counseling sessions (with parents alone) are often beneficial. I am available in a crisis situation. Overall I am very easy to talk to and can usually take the time to listen and answer questions about the therapy. 
Scott Harris, Ph.D. is a Los Angeles Psychologist who provides caring and experienced psychotherapy treatment for children, adolescents and adults.  
Please contact Dr. Harris at: or 310.422.7468. 

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