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Is your son or daughter or family having some significant difficulties? 
Are they struggling with school, friends, family members or experiencing significant
internal/emotional conflict? 
Are you worried about their future, their happiness or their safety? 
Dr. Scott Harris, is committed to providing kind and helpful support, care and guidance. 
Dr. Harris has been a licensed and practicing Psychologist for over 20 years. He has worked with kids in settings such as schools, camps, clinics and hospitals as well as in private practice. He provides calm in a storm of emotional turbulence with hope and specific plans to help make things better.
*Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy
*Crisis Intervention
*Divorce Issues
Dr. Harris also works with adult clients with career-work, relationship and life-transitional issues
In addition Dr. Harris works regularly with clients dealing with:
*Work and Career Issues
*Relationship/Family Issues
*Sports Psychology
*Assertiveness, Self Confidence and Empowerment 
*Responsiveness: to all individuals and families involved in therapy with Dr. Harris. Urgent calls get a very 
  fast response. 
*Experience: Dr. Harris has been practicing for over 20 years and has had a number of positions in a number of
  clinical settings and organizations with a variety of clients.  Dr. Harris has seen clients in hospitals, clinics, 
  schools, workplace settings and in a private practice office.
*Highly Trained and Knowledgeable: Dr. Harris excelled in college, graduate school and in clinical training   
  programs. He has two Masters and a Doctorate and has written three books. He has been on committees for the 
  Medical Board and State Bar and has taught at several graduate schools.  
*Understanding: Dr. Harris has a deep understanding of human behavior. He is trustworthy but not gullible and has
  an abiding sense of awe and humility as he earns his client's trust and understands their experience. 
*Resourceful: Dr. Harris is well connected to other professionals and organizations in order to help his clients.
  He knows who to turn to when looking for a specific type of school, drug treatment program or tutoring
  organization. He attempts to make the best possible referrals in consultation with his clients. 
*Confidence: Dr. Harris is confident in what he does as he actively supports his clients. He helps his clients
  attain better lives.
*Availability: Dr. Harris' clients knows that he is available and responsive to them. He is particularly responsive
  in times of crisis or conflict. 
11980 San Vicente Boulevard
Suite 710
Los Angeles, CA. 90049 
Please contact Dr. Harris at: or 310.422.7468. 

Dr. Scott Harris Reaches

Brentwood Los Angeles CA