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Do you find coming home to your spouse or children to be stressful rather than fulfilling? Do the actions of life seem mundane, worrisome, or exhausting? Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I get through this day?”. You are not alone. Stress affects everyone. The paths that we choose in life can be enriching. However, at times, life can seem stale, routine, troublesome, and overwhelming. Developing new insight into situations, thoughts, and feelings can restore inner peace.
I practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, in conjunction with other methods, to support individuals and families in attaining healthy life goals. With a specialization in couples and family therapy, my present-minded, positive psychology approach is beneficial to all ages, and adjusted for children, to bring in well-being and life balance.
I have found that by paying attention to our body sensations, addressing unmet underlying emotional needs, and developing alternative perceptions are instrumental to restoring peace within. Through couples or family therapy, we can rekindle the joy that has been lost in your relationships.

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