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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • 950 Westbank Dr., Suite 104, Austin, Texas, 78746
  • Phone: 512-981-7046
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  • Session Fees: $140 initial session, $115/50-55 minute subsequent individual session, $130 subsequent family or play therapy session. Insurance accepted: BCBS, Aetna, Lyra Health, United/Optum, Oscar
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Webcam

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People come to counseling for a number of reasons - anxiety, depression, clarity in relationship (or loss of relationship), grief, help with a name it.  Whatever the reason that brings you to the exploration of therapy, you should expect to find a safe space to address your concerns.  I hope to provide that space for you.
I have over ten years experience in various social services settings: providing therapy services and working with children, adolescents, adults and families in a number of diverse contexts. I am honored each time someone chooses to trust me on this journey with them. 
I approach therapy collaboratively - you are the expert on you and I am here to provide a space for you to test out new ways of thinking and to process your experiences and feelings.  I have experience working with people dealing with family relationship issues, difficult childhood and adolescent behaviors, perinatal mood disorders and emotional distress, self-injurious behaviors, trauma and a myriad of other stressors.  As a person of strong personal faith, I am comfortable walking with clients as they explore their own spirituality or wrestle with issues of faith in light of their struggles.  Of course, some are not coming for issues related to spirituality and that is respected.  Past clients have voiced appreciation for my calm, compassionate and genuine manner. 
My hope is that after therapy, you will have felt heard, gained tools to deal with future stressors, and have a sense of healing.  Therapy with me may be a place of laughter, tears, thoughtful moments, and joy as you experience renewed life in your targeted areas. 
Specialized Areas
Perinatal Mood Disorders 
Early Childhood 
Children and Adolescents 
Early Adulthood 
Anxiety and Depression 
Attachment Trauma
Grief and Loss
Behavior Management

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