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  • Licensed psychologist
  • 1971 Millwright Court, Monument, Colorado, 80132
  • Phone: 719-600-8468
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  • Session Fees: I offer a sliding scale in the event my regular fee of $100 a session would cause hardship. I do not bill insurance companies. Your company may reimburse the fee for our sessions, and you can call to enquire.

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Hi. Thank you for taking a look at my profile. I hope you will also explore my website at I am a licensed psychologist in the Colorado Springs area. My doctoral degree is in Clinical Psychology.


My specialty is working with people who have endured traumatic events and/or who have struggled for some time with relationships, self-understanding, and managing feelings. I have years of experience helping people such as combat veterans and survivors of childhood abuse or assault who struggle with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ("PTSD") including anxiety, shame, anger, and grief.


My philosophy is integrative and insight- or depth-oriented. My methods draw from the diverse theories of growth and healing that make up modern psychology, as they are appropriate and likely to be most helpful to you. I offer individual counseling.


You can gain a better understanding of yourself and experience increased self-esteem, lightening of anxiety, lifting of depression, and learn to more usefully manage emotions. The effects of PTSD and complex trauma are likely to be lessened. As new skills are learned, your perspective can change, and new meanings may develop. You can have better relationships with clearer communication and more intimacy and trust.


"5/5 stars Therapy Verified Review (
Life Changing
I honestly don't know what I would do without Sharon. Struggling with PTSD has crippled many areas of my life, but with the help of Sharon's keen insight, empathy, and professional skills, I feel like I've started making progress for the first time in a long while. She is incredibly intelligent and trustworthy. If you are struggling with trauma, this is the saving grace you've been looking for! I could not put forth a higher recommendation."
Shea B. on October 23, 2016

"5/5 stars Marriage Counseling Verified Review (
This has been a great experience and a safe place."
Dustie W. on September 29, 2016

"AWL-N in Köln, Germany | July 18, 2016 (
Dr. Stewart helped me build the necessary tools to move forward in life while dealing with my complex trauma from childhood and combat. I can't reccomend her enough to anyone looking for firm, yet thorough guidance through rehabilitating from traumatic experiences."

"Chattanooga, TN | Jul 26, 2016 (
Dr Stewart was the first Doc to be able to get thru to me when I returned from too many tours to Iraq. She without a doubt saved my life. I was not a candidate for meds and was in terrible shape. She was able to take my hand and fight the demons with me. She gave me the tools and helped me learn to use them. I was probably one of the worst patients a Shrink could have, but she toughed it out with me. Definitely my hero!"


I earned a Master's degree in psychology from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and a PsyD from the Colorado School of Professional Psychology (now The University of the Rockies).

FEE - Up to $100 per session

Please discuss it with me if my fee isn’t affordable for you without undue hardship. I do sometimes reduce my fee due to circumstances. I don’t bill insurance companies, but your insurance company may reimburse you for your therapy. Those reimbursements are made directly to you, and you should contact your insurance company for information. I accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

I reserve limited appointments at a rate of $25.00 to active duty military members, veterans, reservists, national guard members, and first responders when insurance plans do not reimburse for our sessions. Limited appointments are also available without charge, again based on individual circumstances.


Weekend and evening appointments are available.

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