Shawn Michaud, MACP, CCC(Q), BSW, RSW

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  • Canadian Certified Counsellor (Q)
  • 444 Victoria Street, Unit 208, Kamloops, British Columbia, V2C 2A7
  • Phone: (778) 471-2000
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  • Session Fees: Fees for individual therapy are $110 per 50 minute session. Couples are $130 per 80 minute session.

Due to a difficult childhood, as a young adult, I struggled with unhealthy thinking patterns that worked against me. Eventually, I came to the point where everything was falling apart around me.

I didn’t seek professional help as I thought I could overcome my problems on my own. Trying to solve my negative thinking patterns and behaviours without help made my healing journey much harder than it needed to be.  I don’t want anyone to struggle as I have.

Eventually, I did heal and create a better life for myself. I am so grateful that I am now a happy person with a career that I love.
Couples' Therapy 
Some of the problems where couples therapy can help:
You’re exhausted from the fights you have with your partner
Your partner doesn’t seem to “hear” you; your partner may complain of the same; communication is unhealthy
The distance in your relationship is agonizing – you long for the intimacy, affection, and sexual satisfaction you once shared
You feel like you’re walking on eggshells with your partner; you never know when an explosion will occur
You’re worried that your relationship might end if you don’t attend couples counselling
Couples Therapy CAN Save Your Relationship 
My Mission

My childhood experiences and my healing inspired me to become a therapist. Being a therapist is my passion. I feel privileged to be able to walk alongside my clients in their healing journeys.

It is incredibly rewarding when clients’ report they’re feeling more fulfillment and joy in their lives and relationships.

I provide a safe space for my clients to solve their fears, insecurities, and troubles and other difficulties to improve the quality of their lives.

When working with couples, my goal is to guide them in healing their pain, re-building trust, and developing a richer relationship than they’ve had before.

I strive to go above and beyond my clients’ expectations in every session. I work to empower you to make the best decisions for your life. I act as your guide, as you direct the process and decide on the life you want to have.
I’ll not only help you heal your struggles and pain, but I’ll also provide you with the skills and tools to eventually become your own counsellor in your life.

I have what some might say is a “freaky Intuition.” My clients are often amazed at how well I “get” them. My warmth and empathy are key features that help my clients connect deeply with me.

Research shows that the quality of the relationship between client and therapist largely determines the success of therapy.
Therapy Education and Training:  Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, Yorkville University, New Brunswick 
Certified Trauma Professional:  Certificate in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Certificate in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Diploma in Gerontology, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training
My Life in Kamloops
I have a passion for 70s and 80s music and was a musician as a child. I played electric bass guitar, electric guitar and acoustic guitar. Currently, I enjoy hiking, tennis and playing golf.

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