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I have over twenty five years of experience in supporting adults and youth in facing and processing the challenges they meet.

I graduated as an R.N. from St. Mary's School of Nursing in Montréal, Québec, where I received an award for General Proficiency. After moving to Ontario I joined The Association of Christian Therapists and felt called to continue my education in the Counselling field.

I completed an undergraduate degree from Waterloo University focusing on Depth Psychology. This involved an intensive practicum utilizing various psychological approaches including Jungian Therapy and Dream Analysis, Myers-Briggs Typology, Dr. Bernie Siegel's research on Wholistic Healing, Bio-Spirituality and the Focusing techniques of Dr. Eugene Gendlin, John Bradshaw on Healing The Inner Child and other wholistic disciplines.

After receiving a scholarship from the Institute For Christian Studies for graduate work, I completed an Honors Master's degree in Counselling, Psychology and Education from the University of Toronto at OISE.

One of the areas I serve is in providing help to victims who are approved under the Victim Quick Response Program (VQRP)  funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General in Ontario.

I have taught courses and led workshops on  Inner Healing, Recovery and the relationship between Dreams and Inner Healing.
Coming from an eclectic background of studies, my goal is to support my clients' immediate needs and to guide them towards an experience of self worth and personal significance.

In 2001 The Aboriginal Healing Foundation funded the publication of Rainbow Weavers: An Anthology of Hope which I wrote for the many First Nation people whom I helped. This book is a collection of authentic healing stories of courageous people who faced their pain with the guidance of their dreams.
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 In 2003, with the help of my wonderful family, I started a Registered Charitable Foundation, Building Bridges For Youth
( BBFY ) which serves all youth in a farm setting. The Foundation received a Government of Ontario Trillium Financial award in 2006. Please visit

Written Works by Sheila Hutchinson

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