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I’m a licensed Mental Health Counselor with a private practice in convenient Edmonds, Washington.


I have a BA from Taylor University in Indiana and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Seattle School of Theology and Psychology (formerly Mars Hill Graduate School).


I offer two types of counseling:  Short-term intervention provides support, skill building, and immediate shifts in perspective, coping strategies and change.  Long-term intervention involves examining deeper issues, working through these hurts and wounds and then integrating healing into current day functioning. 

Individuals:  My expertise addresses those experiencing trauma, sex and love addiction, stress, anxiety, panic, life transitions, loss, loneliness, isolating, anger, and and relationships. I can help you do the following:

·      Understand yourself better

·      Develop coping strategies

·      Heal from past wounds and trauma both big and small

·      Gain new and more helpful perspectives

·      Gain Self Confidence

Couples :  I see couples who are arguing or frustrated around a host of issues such as communication, parenting, in laws, money, intimacy and sex as well as the problem of growing apart and living in silence. I help couples do the following:

·      Identify unhealthy patterns of interaction

·      Learn skills to communicate better

·      Learn skills to resolve conflict

·      Rekindle passion

·      Heal hurts and wounds and practice forgiveness

·      Increase intimacy

·      Renew friendship

·      Deepen trust

·      Strengthen commitment to each other


I rely primarily on Emotionally Focused Therapy and tailor my approach when necessary.  I also have experience assisting couples heal from infidelity. My focus is to enable you to restore your emotional connection and give you tools to communicate with and hear the other. 

For a fuller description of my work, please check out my website and I warmly invite you to give me a call at (206) 271-9371.


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